Hello Autumn! Fun facts about Autumn

Annoy your friends and impress your children with this seasonal trivia.

What is the autumn equinox?

The autumnal equinox occurs in September each year, and in the northern hemisphere the date marks the end of summer and beginning of autumn.

So, when does autumn start this year?

This year autumn begins Saturday 23rd September and will end on Thursday 21st December.

What happens in autumn?

Autumn is the season in which the Earth cools off from the summer and starts a slow but sure stroll towards the colder months of winter. Autumn is the start of the harvest season for many plants. And with stocking up in mind, both humans and animals gather crops and pack them away for the months that are ahead.

Why is autumn called ‘fall’ in America?

Good question. Firstly, it’s actually autumn that is the odd one out, not fall. Winter, spring, summer and fall have their roots in Old English. Whereas autumn came into Middle English centuries later, via French. Fall is the older term and was preserved in American English, but for some reason fell out of favour in British English. Spring and fall are natural pairs, with spring the time when leaves spring from the plants and trees, and fall the time when leaves fall from the trees.

Why do leaves fall from the trees in autumn?

Leaves fall in the autumn so that trees, if you’ll excuse the phrase, can turn over a new leaf. Trees shed their leaves because there’s no use for them anymore. Doing this also ensures the tree’s long-term survival. If tree didn’t do this every year, the water in the cells of the leaves would freeze, and this would rupture them, as water expands as it turns to ice. Then by the time summer arrived, the tree would have no working leaves. And no way to create food. It would die quickly. By dropping its leaves and entering a dormant state, the tree has a chance to start fresh in the spring.

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