How To Celebrate A Special Occasion During Lockdown

The world may feel like it’s come to a strange kind of stand-still at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that birthdays, anniversaries, religious days and national holidays can’t still be celebrated. With the help of our Friends of Joules, here’s our guide to making that special day as special as you always wanted it to be.

1. Get Decorating

Remember when you were a child and you’d come downstairs on your birthday morning to find the room filled with balloons and banners? You can do this for any occasion! The more colourful the better, and don’t shy away from getting crafty with the resources you have at home. Turn leftover wool into pom poms, coloured paper into paper chains and use a hole punch on old magazines to make confetti. Don’t forget to put decorations in windows, on the doorstep and on the front door to let the whole neighbourhood know it’s a special day too. Felt So Good have some gorgeous felt garlands and decorations in our Friends of Joules marketplace that are so pretty you’ll want to use them again and again and again…and again!

2. Put on a Feast (Of Sorts)

A celebration just isn’t a celebration without food, glorious food. Options looking a little limited in the lockdown? Get creative! Look for low-ingredient recipes like flourless or eggless cake online – vegan recipes tend to have fewer ingredients if you’re struggling to find some of the basics, and it’s fun to try new flavours. Did you know you can make pancakes with bananas, oats and milk? Take a look at our simple pancake recipe, or try your hand at these lovely Peter Rabbit party biscuits. You can also look out for companies delivering their delicious bakes, like Friends of Joules seller Bee & Bear Bakery. They’re hand-made by expert bakers, and you don’t have to worry about washing up that big mixing bowl.

Whatever you choose to serve, make the table setting extra special with your best plates and crockery. Even the most haphazardly-decorated cake would look wonderful with a cake stand from Friends of Joules seller Culinary Concepts, and don’t forget to serve some of everyone’s favourite nibbles in your best bowls.

3. Play Dress Up

If you’re celebrating with a little one, dressing up is a perfect way to go from zero to party without leaving the house at all. Let them wear their favourite outfit for the day – yes, even if that is their halloween costume and a pair of fairy wings. You can make paper hats too, or turn daisy chains from the garden into pretty flower crowns. If you’re not feeling crafty, A is for Alice make gorgeous artificial flower crowns, masks and headbands.

As for the grown-ups, you’re probably feeling like you’ve been wearing the same loungewear for the past six weeks and your makeup bag is starting to gather dust – but a celebration is the perfect excuse to put your glad rags on, no matter who’s going to see it. You know that dress you’ve been saving for that extra special occasion? Go on, put it on!

4. An Extra Special Gift

If it’s a personal occasion you’re celebrating, the current lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t give them a meaningful gift. In fact, it might be that these unusual circumstances mean that any gift you give will have even more meaning and memories to be held for years to come.

If jewellery is their thing, a monogrammed birthstone necklace from Decadorn is something they can treasure forever, and little ones will love these personalised books by FromLucy. Looking for something for him? Hord craft bespoke leather accessories that can be personalised with his initials.

Friends of Joules is our online marketplace for a contemporary country lifestyle, showcasing some of the best creative businesses in the UK. During these difficult times, many of our sellers are still sending out deliveries, and would greatly appreciate your help to keep business flowing – most are small businesses working from home. We hope you can join us in thanking and supporting them.

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