How to dress the Perfect Christmas Tree

Joules Christmas Tree with Decorations

Wondering how to decorate a Christmas tree to look full? Not sure whether to go for a Christmas tree colour scheme? In what order should you decorate a Christmas tree? Most importantly, how to start decorating a Christmas tree? Not to worry! Whether you’re after a traditional Christmas tree or a more modern one, we’ve put together lots of ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree and easy ways that will have your tree looking festive and fabulous in no time! (Not to mention practical tips, like when to take down a Christmas tree too).

The big question, how to decorate a Christmas tree?

First of all, decide what overall look you would like your tree to have. Do you want a traditional Christmas tree with lots of reds and golds and mismatched ornaments? Are you after a more modern one with a coordinated look and perhaps a colour scheme? Or perhaps a mixture of both? Once you’ve decided what look you’re after, then the real fun begins! We’ll guide you through how to decorate a Christmas tree step by step to ensure your tree looks magical and most importantly, we want to ensure you have fun decorating a Christmas tree!

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How to decorate a traditional Christmas tree

Step One

When decorating a Christmas tree, what goes on first? Start with the lights first. This way you can avoid getting the wires tangled with ornaments and knocking them off. If you’re wondering how to decorate a real Christmas tree or a traditional Christmas tree, choose warm, yellow lights and wrap them in a spiral around your tree, starting at the top and moving down to the bottom.

Step Two

Traditional Christmas colours are typically green, red and gold. You already have green with the tree (yay!) so look for decorations in these reds and golds, as well as in natural materials such as wood. Try to not have your decorations match too much as a mix-match of colours and textures will add interest to your tree. Traditional isn’t just about colours though, so don’t forget to get out your more meaningful and sentimental decorations too!

Step Three

Next comes the most fun part! Turn up those carols, get those Christmas hats on, it’s time to hang your decorations! Start by hanging the ones most likely to catch the light and place those near the fairy lights on your tree. Then hang your favourites (we all have them!) at eye level, where you’ll see them the most. Use the rest of the ornaments to fill in the gaps and try not to have too many of the same colour or type near each other. A good tip is to keep a few smaller ones near the top where the tree is thinner and some of the larger ones near the bottom to create a balance.

Lastly, step back and admire your tree!

Joules Christmas Tree Decoration
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How to decorate a modern Christmas tree

Step One

Decorating a modern tree isn’t too different to decorating a traditional one as the modern element of it lies more in the colours and decorations you choose rather than in the tree itself.  (Although if you’re looking for something really modern, why not consider some Christmas tree alternatives such as white Christmas trees, wall Christmas trees or one made out of books? The world’s your oyster!) As with a traditional tree, start with the lights first and wrap them in a spiral around your tree, starting at the top and moving down to the bottom. If you’re wondering how to decorate a white Christmas tree or you’re aiming for a modern look, go for brighter, cooler lights rather than warm yellows (but this is up to you!).

Step Two

Colours are very important when it comes to giving your Christmas tree a modern look. Unlike a traditional tree, try and have your ornaments match either all in one colour, such as white, or a duo of colours like gold and purple. It’s important to still mix and match the materials and textures of your ornaments as this will add some interest to your tree and help make it sparkle.

Step Three

Now for the best part! Start by hanging your sparkliest decorations nearest to the lights on your tree before moving onto the others. Throughout your tree, alternate both colour (if you’re using more than one) and material. The more coordinated this looks, the better so try and get a pattern going. For a bit of a different finishing touch, why not add some flowers (real or fake) in amongst the branches? It’s also important that the base of your tree doesn’t clash with your ornaments as this can upset the balanced look of the ornaments.

Now step back, admire your tree and just wait for the compliment!

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When to take down a Christmas tree (and other helpful hints)

There is a lot of debate around when should you put up a Christmas tree and when should you take the Christmas tree down but traditionally, you should up your tree and decorations on the first day of Advent and the day to take down your tree is the 12th day of Christmas. Depending on who you ask, this is either 5th or 6th January as it depends  on whether you count Christmas as day one or not. So, I think we can safely say that the bottom line here is just go with whatever you feel like!

How long do you leave a Christmas tree before decorating?

If you’re buying a traditional Christmas tree, it’s important to leave the standing for a couple hours to 24 hours after un-netting to ensure the tree branches settle and stay in place. This all depends on the tree you buy so if you’re unsure, leave it up for a day.

What is the correct way to put lights on a tree?

Start from the top of the tree and wrap around going down in a spiral motion, intertwining the lights on top, under and in-between branches. When you reach the bottom and you have extra wire and lights, just hide them around the back.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with baubles?

Hang your larger baubles at the base of your tree, medium-sized baubles around the middle and smaller ones at the top. We suggest hanging delicate baubles and other breakable ornaments last so that they don’t get knocked off when wrapping lights or tinsel around the tree. If you have baubles of different colours, spread them out evenly so all the colours aren’t clumped into one area.

Want to make your Christmas tree last longer?

Keep your tree away from any heat source such as radiators as heat will dry out the tree and it will lose its needles faster.

Wondering how often should you water your Christmas tree?

Water your tree every day to keep it looking full. Add a minimum of 500ml of water a day as a real Christmas tree can drink 1 to 2 litres a day depending on its size and your heating.

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