How to Make a Flower Crown with The Country Garden Florist

Is there anything prettier than a fresh flower crown on a summer’s day? But you don’t have to be at a festival or a fun fair to sport this beautiful fairy-like accessory! We’ve enlisted the help of our friend Donna, also known as The Country Garden Florist, for a simple step-by-step to making one of your own – a fun craft to try with your little ones that they will adore wearing as much as making.

How to make a flower crown


Florist tape

Reel wire

Stub wires

Secateurs or scissors


Flowers and foliage

1. Create your wire frame

Overlap two 10in wires by around a third and tape together with florist tape. Create loops on either end (tip: use a marker pen to make a circle). This is so you can attach the ribbon once your crown is finished. Cover the whole wire with the florist tape, pulling it gently and rolling the wire and tape between your thumb and forefinger to help the tape to stick.


2. Prepare your flowers

Cut a selection of stems to around 2in long and create small bunches of flowers by wrapping 3-4 sprigs of flowers and foliage with florist tape. We find it helps to line up your bunches along your wire frame as a way of estimating how many bunches you will need.

Tip: We used Piano roses, aster, lisianthus, waxflower and pittosporum. It’s best to choose flowers that won’t wilt too quickly out of water.


3. Wire individual blooms

For larger heads, wire them separately to give them support. Cut the flower head off the stem. Make a hook on the end of a stub wire, push the wire through the flower and pull it gently until the hook is nestled in the centre of the bloom.

Tip: We used Piano roses, aster, lisianthus, waxflower and pittosporum. It’s best to choose flowers that won’t wilt too quickly out of water.


4. Attach reel wire

Secure the reel wire by wrapping it a few times around one end of the frame.

5. Add flowers

Start to add your small bunches of flowers, laying them onto the frame and wrapping the reel wire round them a few times to secure. Overlap each bunch slightly so that no stems will show. Consider your design as you go, wiring in your larger flower heads towards the front of your crown. Don’t cut your reel wire – keep it attached until you’ve added all of your flowers and foliage to your frame.

6. Finish with foliage

Once you’ve attached all of your flower bunches, use your reel wire to wrap on a few final sprigs of foliage to cover the stems that are showing and the loop on the end. Once it’s wrapped on tightly, now you can cut your wire, tucking in the end of the wire so that it’s hidden amongst your flowers.

7. Add ribbon

Tie your ribbon through the loops on either end, and wear with pride!

Flower crowns are best worn on the day they are made, but to preserve it for longer pop yours in the fridge, away from fruits and vegetables, to keep it fresh until you plan to wear it.


  • Ann Mason

    07.08.2020 at 09:28 Reply

    Absolutely beautiful- thank you.

  • Carol Morgan

    07.08.2020 at 11:26 Reply

    Wow, just love love this!!!! Great demo!!

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