How to Prepare Your House for Christmas Guests

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‘Tis the season to be jolly’…and merry and busy and stressed and covered in flour from last-minute Christmas preparations, baking endless mince pies, shortbread cookies and gingerbread! With all that rushing, you’re probably thinking to yourself “how do people prepare for Christmas?

With a flurry of festive guest in mind, we’ve put together a few helpful Christmas preparation tips and hints that will make sure you stay stress-free, and your guests enjoy their visit as much as possible.

The holiday season is approaching fast and although we love it, without a little Christmas prep it can quickly become rather stressful, and we are not even talking about that last minute present dash. Instead, we are talking about that all important knock on the door. Parents, children, grandchildren, friends, neighbour’s- they’re all sure to turn up with the expectation of being fed, housed, and entertained.

Unless you’ve got a cosy stable you can fob them off with- they’ll be all looking at you to provide all of this…and more. Don’t worry though we have you completely covered! We’re here to help you get an idea of how to prepare for Christmas and put a smile on your guests’ face. Let’s put together a Christmas hosting checklist.

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1. Short On Bedrooms? Get A Sofa Bed

No room at the inn? Nonsense. If you’re wondering how to prep for Christmas in a smaller house, squeeze a sofa bed or blow-up mattress in for a season of festivities and a house full of guests. Ensure your guests have the best nights sleep with our super cute and comfy bedding sets, crafted from organic cotton with adorable animal prints.

2. Make Some Space

‘Good tidings they’ll bring’- but if you have people staying over that’s not all they will bring. What about all the bags, bulky coats and (hopefully) Christmas presents. By making space now, you won’t end up panicking when box after box is brought from a seemingly bottomless boot and it’s incredibly useful for hosting Christmas in a small house. This is also a great chance to clear out your wardrobe and drawers, ready for the new things you may get this year.

3. Make Lots Of Christmas Treats

Merino Or Mulled wine, biscuits, pies, sandwiches…anything that tickles your festive fancy. Prepare for Christmas treats, and drinks so make sure you’ve done a trip to the supermarket. If your guests have travelled a considerable distance, one of the things that will have kept them going on their journey is the thought of enjoying a few tasty treats upon their arrival. Make sure you’ve tried and tested your Christmas baking ideas. The last thing we want is disappointed guests upon arrival. Mulled wine is a great idea for grown-ups as the smell will fill the house with a warming and welcoming aroma- and will of course get everyone in festive spirit rather quickly. And for the little ones, a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and their favourite Christmas treats are bound to spread the Christmas joy. Be sure to check that you have enough festive drinkware!

4. Give The House A Tidy

So, how do you clean your house for Christmas?

Send your gang off on a walk (or get them to help if you wish) put on some Bing Crosby and start getting your humble abode looking spick and span. If you’ve kept on top of things polishing the surfaces and furniture shouldn’t take too long. cleaning the bathroom and toilets can be a pain but can be rewarding when they’re sparkling and shining. Then vacuuming (although the sound may drown out Bing) will make sure no pesky pine needles get caught in your guests’ socks. Add a few more finishing touches here and there with Joules Christmas table decorations from our Christmas cooking & dining collection to add some festive sparkle at the dinner table. Or some new cushions to add a bit more flare to your sofas.

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5. Top Up On Towels And Toiletries

In the room that your guests are staying, leave towels on the bed… some freshly washed towels that they will be able to use throughout their stay. Leave out a few toiletries too- it’s a nice touch and a great opportunity to get rid of those shower gels and body washes you’ve never used. Or if you’re in the mood, you could always treat your guest to some new ones…

6. Kit Out The Kitchen

Whatever the occasion, people are drawn to the kitchen like moths to flame. Make sure the essentials are easy to find- milk, tea, coffee. And the  things that you only want to enjoy yourself are well hidden. We’re not channeling our inner Ebenezer, but that expensive bottle of whisky would be wasted on an unruly uncle. It’s also the perfect time to add a few festive accessories to your kitchen. You never know, a Christmas tea towel may even encourage people to help with the drying up. We guarantee, our Friends of Joules have the best kitchen accessories to make you and your kitchen look fabulous.

7. Early Gifts

Did your guests end up on your naughty or nice Christmas list? Depending on how much you like your guest, you could treat them to early Christmas gifts that they can enjoy during their stay. So that you’re not breaking your bank, cheap Christmas gifts that have long term uses are often appreciated. In our humble opinion, a pair of fluffy socks fits the bill perfectly. They make great Christmas table gifts for guests. They’re cosy, colourful, Christmassy and perfect to wear around the house- especially if you’ve been on a wintery walk. Talking of which…

Joules Santa and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Christmas socks
Joules Christmas Kitchen Accessories, Textiles and Mugs

8. Plan Christmas Activities

Dust off old board games, pull OS maps off the shelf, get some unique Christmas party games ready, and choose a few festive movies everyone can enjoy. These are Christmas hosting essentials. There’s nothing worse than hearing ‘What shall we do today?’ and by preparing for Christmas – you never will.

9. Most Importantly


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