How to Stay Connected in Lockdown

As the lockdown stretches on, we’re taking the time to celebrate all the ways we’ve been keeping connected with our community, the people we love and the people we wish could be by our side. We reached out to our own Joules team and some of our friends to find out how we can stay together, no matter how far away we may be.

Saying It With Flowers –
Rachel of Fearne & Rosie

“With Fearne and Rosie at home (along with George) we’ve been trying our best to spread a little sunshine!

One of the activities they’ve really enjoyed has been making cards to send to friends and family. We posted out some fingerprint rainbows and also made our own flower cards! Collect small flowers from your garden (or out on a walk) – daisies and buttercups work well! Press using card and something heavy (we used the fruit bowl!), and after a couple of days the flowers are pressed and you can use glue to seal them.

It’s a lovely activity for all ages; George (1) can help pick, Rosie (3) can write her name, Fearne (5) can write little messages ad me (35) well I just like faffing with flowers…”

Virtual Walks –
Alex Rizzuto, Campaign Manager at Joules

“My partner and I have really been missing catching up with all of my friends and loved ones, so we’ve been trying out a new thing when we go on our daily walks in the countryside. Now when we head out on a walk, we make sure to have a video call with somebody, and it’s like you’re actually going on a walk with them! It’s a great way to feel connected, and enjoy a relaxing walk in nature together. I can’t wait to be able to walk next to them in real life again.”

Afternoon Tea for Two –
Niki of @blooming.niki

“With this fantastic weather we’ve been having, it felt like we could have our own summer holiday in the garden! I’ve really been missing my mum (otherwise known as Mooty Bear), so we had a socially-distanced afternoon tea picnic over the bank holiday weekend. it really was just so lovely sitting there chatting and laughing away (we can chat for hours…both professional wafflers). I really can’t wait till I can hug her again.”

Message in a Bottle –
Rosie Bambury, Content Marketing Coordinator at Joules

“I’ve been self-isolating at my boyfriend’s house, and we were all sitting in the garden one lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, when his mum received a text from a good friend telling her to check her doorstep in five minutes. Sure enough, five minutes later we heard a car door shut and a car drive off. Two tiny little bottles had been left on the doorstep, one for my boyfriend’s mum, and one for his sister. Inside were dandelion ‘wishes’ and a tiny little note. It was such a lovely way for her to say hi to them and to send them her love in a safe, socially distanced way. I know it made their Sunday!”

Kids to the Rescue –
Laura of CubbKids

“One of the really lovely things to come out of this difficult time is the extra time we have been able to spend together as a family and we have really been trying to create some special lockdown memories for our daughter. With this amazing weather we’ve been having, we’ve been spending loads of time in the garden, and really enjoying the wild life and birds which seem in abundance right now.

We love to camp and so have been having regular camping parties in the garden!  Well it’s camping in the summer house in a bed, so not completely roughing it, but my daughter loves it! We make a campfire, eat pizza and toast marshmallows and try to recreate all the camp feels. We even hooked up a disco ball!

I can’t wait to go camping properly again soon but for now this is pretty perfect.”

Snail Mail –
Jules of @thisisjules

“Where I live, people have started to hang personalised messages of hope onto a tree for everybody to read and enjoy. Some are simple notes, some have made hearts tied with ribbons and there were even Easter eggs too! It’s humbling to see everyone coming together in solidarity and spreading hope – it makes you believe in the good in humanity during these challenging times.”

Have you enjoyed reading all the ways we’ve been staying connected during lockdown? We’d love to hear from our customers too! Make sure to share your stories with us.

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