The Inspiration Behind Our Haynes Rugby Collection

Nobody has attention to detail quite like Joules — well, we can actually think of somebody…

If you’re a dab hand at DIY or like to tinker with cars (or live with someone that does!), you’ve probably got at least one Haynes manual sat in a bookshelf, kicking about the garage or stacked up in your shed. Haynes and their iconic instruction manuals have firmly become a part of British history, having grown from a home business selling copies for just 25p to an instantly recognisable brand and household name for many.

Haynes manuals are known for their distinctive and impressively detailed illustrations. The covers are always brightly coloured with a diagram of the item in question drawn with a cut-away showing its inner workings with meticulous accuracy. Inside the book you’ll find exploded views of key components, flow charts and simple step-by-step instructions that make even the most impossible task seem doable.

We’ve teamed up with Haynes to design a range of T-shirts that celebrate rugby season, featuring rugby-themed illustrations inspired by the iconic technical drawings that made Haynes famous.

The History of Haynes

The Haynes brand was founded by John Harold Haynes, who wrote his first manual in 1956 when he was just a 16-year-old schoolboy. After modifying and selling his first car, John had the idea to write and illustrate a 48-page booklet that detailed how he did it, knowing that lots of car enthusiasts like him would want to do the same. From here, his passion for mechanics turned into a rather brilliant business idea.

The first official Haynes manual as we know it today was published in 1965, detailing the inner workings and maintenance of an Austin Healey Sprite. John sold 3,000 copies in his first three months and the rest, as they say, is history.

A typical Haynes vehicle manual takes around 30 weeks to write, starting with the complete dismantling of the vehicle, with each step photographed and documented, then rebuilt again. The infamous illustrations are then created, and put together to make one comprehensive guide.

But it’s not all cars, cars, cars. Haynes manuals are now available to guide you through all sorts of situations, including changing a nappy, building the Death Star, going through a midlife crisis and, of course, playing a game of rugby.

The Joules x Haynes Rugby Collection

For this collection, we’ve brought together two classically British institutions: Haynes and Rugby (three if you count us too!). Inspired by Haynes’ iconic diagrams, it features illustrations of a rugby ball and rugby boots shown in expanded view, highlighting the detail and construction of these treasured items.

The best thing about the collection? Both T-shirt designs come in Mini Me styles — one for dad, and one for your little teammate too! Collect them all and you’ll be all set for celebrating, whether you’re pitch-side or watching from the sofa.

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