Joules and The Prince’s Trust: Future Steps

Wellbeing Challenge 2018

1st February 2018

 The Future Steps challenge is an exciting team fundraising event from The Prince’s Trust. It aims to help its supporters across the UK to get fit with their fellow employees, have fun and help disadvantage young people transform their lives.

This February Joules employees are supporting the Prince’s Trust Future Steps challenge.

As brand that loves getting out and about, this seemed like a great excuse to get us away from our desks, out from behind the tills and to not just save our walking for the weekends.

We’ve got over 70 teams all over the country from Taunton to York (and everywhere in between) and many at Head Office in Market Harborough that are signed up and ready to start walking.

“Best of luck to all the amazing people at Joules, can’t wait to hear how you get on in the Future Steps challenge – thank you for raising money to support young people like me – it really makes such a difference.”

 Shelley, Young Ambassador

Joules ‘virtual route’ will cover 940.1 miles – the distance from Joules of Jersey to our most northern store in Aberdeen. This four week challenge will run from Thursday 1st February to Wednesday 28th. Teams (which have amazing names such as The Blister Sisters and A Welshman and His Clan) will go head-to-head in the following four ‘mini’ competitions. The team who takes the most steps, the team who reaches 940.1 miles first, the highest fundraiser and the best team name.

This February Joules employees are supporting the Prince’s Trust Future Steps challenge.

As well as walking the teams at Joules will be fundraising too. So if you see bucket on a checkout or see a bake sale happening, be sure to show your support. Or quite simply pop along to our fundraising page here.

“Love what you’re doing with the Future Steps challenge Joules! Your hard work is helping young people like me turn their lives around every single day. Can’t wait to see the final result!”

Andrew, Young Ambassador

So armed with all manner of mobile phones and fitness trackers our teams are just about ready to set and go.

The Results are in…

What a month February was – our 80 Joules teams did it! Our Joules teams made it all the way from our Joules of Jersey store to our Aberdeen store (and beyond!). Between all the teams, they covered an amazing 125 million steps between them all and raised over £19,000 – great work!

Even with the last few days of our challenge being quite a tough one with the snow and freezing weather – our teams didn’t stop!

 So onto our winners!

Team who reaches the Joules store in Aberdeen the quickest: Congratulations to the Welsh Waddlers who were our first team to reach Aberdeen!

Team who achieves the most steps in February:  Congratulations to the Reigning Ramblers who took an incredible 2,942,013 steps! Our second highest stepping team behind the Welsh Waddlers.

Highest fundraising team: Congratulations to Joules Holt Little by Little our highest fundraisers (out of the whole national competition too – what an achievement!) raising an astonishing  £2,092


Follow our teams progress here…

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