Joules USA x Hike It Baby: What’s in a Footprint?

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We’ve always been passionate about the wonderful world we live in, which is why we’re especially thrilled to introduce our latest partnership with non-profit organization Hike It Baby. We’re working together to raise environmental awareness from an early age through Hike It Baby’s Footprint Initiative. Read on to find out more!

The Footprints Initiative gives you, as parents and caregivers, a starting point to learn and share about environmental awareness and conservation with your family. We’ve made it easy and fun with options for kids of different ages, because we believe it’s never too early to start having important conversations.

One could say a footprint is simply the impression left by a foot. But this sneaky little word can mean so much more. To a wild animal it could mean food, to a detective, a new lead to pursue. A footprint can also measure the impact we make on the natural world.

Even the smallest things (and people!) can make a difference, just like a footprint…

Ideas for getting little ones interested in the environment

1. Watch our “On the Subject of Footprints” video

2. Have fun with our workbooks!

Available in English and Spanish, our workbooks are bursting with fun activities that (bonus!) also teach little ones about all the different types of footprints. Take it with you on a hike or fill it in at home, it’s sure to keep little ones entertained and learning. From leaving no trace, to identifying animal footprints, to learning about your carbon footprint, it’s all inside!

Download the Footprints Workbook in English HERE.

Download the Footprints Workbook in Spanish HERE.

3. Make sure they’re dressed for the weather!

We’re firm believers that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. As a brand that was born in the British countryside, the outdoors is where we love spending our time – come rain or shine. The beauty of nature inspires not only Joules’ collections – but it also drives us to look after the environment, protecting the land we love for generations to come.

Our ever-popular waterproof coats and jackets in our Right as Rain collection, along with our best-loved rain boots, will make sure that whatever the weather, family adventures can take place in style.

Explore our Right as Rain collection this way!

For more hints and tips on how to make the most of nature and to find out more about how we’re working with Hike it Baby click here.

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