Wardrobe Must-Have: The velvet dress

22nd November 2016

If you’ve got a Christmas party on the (not so distant) horizon, the chances are you’ve already started thinking about what to wear. Will people remember if you wear the same dress as you did last year? Will your sister be able to lend you that skirt you like? What will stand out amongst a sea of black, navy and sequins? The questions are often endless.

woman celebrating christmas with a glass of champagne wearing velvet dress

This year there’s a not-so-new fabric in town that’s ready to come to your rescue. Velvet is having a renaissance.

Rich and luxurious, classic and comfortable – this fabric has been a winter favourite for years, but now thanks to a few styling updates, it’s got everyone excited.

joules velvet anneka dress

At Joules, our foray into this fabric style is the Anneka Velvet Shift Dress. Perfect for rocking around the Christmas tree (basically any seasonal soiree) this dress has been crafted with style and sophistication in mind. Easy to wear, flattering and with little details that will remind you that this is something special, this is dress should be waiting in your wardrobe.

All it needs to accompany it are a pair of black tights and heels. A glass of sherry is entirely optional (but always a good idea).

Merry Christmas!

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