Let’s Get Creative: Ways to Upcycle Our Packaging


Here at Joules, we love things that are both good for nature and good for the soul. We’re always so thrilled to see the wonderful creations you make from our packaging, so much so that you’ve inspired us to put together a few ideas of our own too! From musical instruments to practical pieces, the possibilities are endless so here’s a few to get you started.

Psssst! Everything in this blog post has been made using our packaging, because whilst our boxes are recyclable, why not have some fun with them first? Just pop them in the recycling when you’re done!

1. Get competitive

Sometimes the best of games start with a humble cardboard box. A doll’s house, a marble run, even a mini version of table football can all be crafted from a box. We decided to turn ours into a point scoring game! Simple and suitable for all ages, score points by flicking your ball through the arch and use distance and ball size to make the game easier or harder. Just remember to keep score!


2. Easy Organisation

Need somewhere to put all those little bits and bobs? Or maybe something to organise your drawers? Shoe boxes are perfect for hiding away those annoying things that just don’t seem to have a home. Put them in your drawers to separate things out, or why not cut a hole in the side and use them to hide away loose cables?

did you know 4

3. Unleash your inner musician

For your little musicians in the making, a cardboard box can make a great guitar or even a set of drums! Use some elastic bands to create the ‘strings’, cut out a circle and add bells to make a tambourine or paint some pieces to make a keyboard… soon you’ll have a whole orchestra!

Box guitar

Credit: @keep_it_real_mama

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4. Make a Puppet Theatre

Our wellie boxes make great puppet theatres! Simply cut out the front of your theatre and use tissue paper to create a background. Cut out the characters on the box and there you have it.

Top tip: This works with finger puppets, puppets on a stick but also shadow puppets too!

Webp.net-resizeimage (8)

5. Stretch those green fingers

Our mail bags are sure to come in handy around the garden! Line your plant pots with them to stop them leaking, use them to grow potatoes, or why not make your very own scarecrow with them too. Just pop them in the recycling when you’re done!

did you know1

6. Relax and Unwind

If you’ve got a smaller box or if you can’t quite bear to throw your pretty box away but can’t think of what to do with it, bookmarks could be the answer. Great for using up smaller pieces of cardboard, they’ll keep your books looking pretty too!


Have we inspired you to get crafting? Thought of anything else we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

If you’d like to learn more about our packaging and how we’re helping the environment, click on the link below to read all about it.


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