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Our Charitably Joules programme aims to support charities which play crucial roles in the lives of children, young adults and families across the country and in supporting the environment surrounding them.

We have established a number of partnerships and friendships over the years, and are so thrilled to be currently working alongside five fantastic charities – The Woodland Trust, Hospice UK, Nuzzlets, The Prince’s Trust and Farms for City Children. So without further ado, let us introduce you to these incredible charities…


The newest charity to be added to the Charitably Joules fold is the Woodland Trust. The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. Since forming in 1972 it has planted more than 43 million trees across the country and saved over 1,000 woods from damage or destruction. The Trust’s vision is to see a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife. It owns more than 1,000 woods across the country, all open to the public and free to visit.

Why we love working with the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust’s mission of protecting our wildlife and restoring our British woodlands is something that, as lovers of the countryside, is very close to our hearts here at Joules. We began working with the Woodland Trust in 2019 and since then we have enjoyed working with them on all sorts of projects, from bringing you outdoors activities to partnering with them on their community tree pack programme, pledging to plant 250,000 trees by 2022.

Find out more about the Woodland Trust here.


Hospice UK helps 200 hospices across the country provide vital care for 200,000 people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses a year. They work to ensure all adults and children living with a terminal or life-shortening illness receive the care and support they need, when they need it. They bring life to days, when days are limited.

The support extends to families and loved ones too, providing a lifeline to those dealing with death and grief. Their work, across a large range of hospices, works to provide a unifying voice for hospice care throughout the UK.

Why we love working with Hospice UK

Hospice UK is a charity chosen by our colleagues and we began working with them in 2017. With over 200 hospices throughout the UK, Hospice UK is all about offering community and support to adults and children living with a terminal or life-shortening illness. They do some truly incredible work and we couldn’t be prouder to have them as one of our official Joules charities.

Alongside fundraising, we were also really proud to be able to source and supply Hospice UK with vital PPE during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out more about Hospice UK here.


The Prince’s Trust are the UK’s leading youth charity, helping young people to live, learn and earn, regardless of their background. They help thousands of young people transform their lives and live to their potential each year by enabling and supporting them to get into education, training and work. From re-engaging them at school to make the most of their education, to giving them the skills needed to get into employment and creating opportunities, The Prince’s Trust really helps turn young lives around.

Why we love working with The Prince’s Trust

Tom Joule’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired our partnership with the Prince’s Trust. We wanted to help young people reach their potential in business and in life and the Prince’s Trust does just that. We’ve been partnered with them since 2016 and are thrilled to be able to support their fantastic work in building confidence and offering new and exciting opportunities to young people.

Find out more about the Prince’s Trust here.


Started in 1976 by the children’s author Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare, Farms for City Children offers urban children from all over the country the opportunity to spend a week living and lending a hand on a working farm.

Each year, Farms for City Children offers over 3,200 urban primary school children and 400 teachers from all over the country a unique opportunity to live and work together for a week, on one of its farms, in the heart of the countryside. It is an intense, ‘learning through doing’ experience of a different life – for children who may not know where their food comes from and have limited opportunities to explore the outside world.

Why we love working with Farms for City Children

It’s no secret that at Joules we love the countryside. We think it’s so important that children get to experience the great outdoors and that the countryside be accessible to all. Partnering with Farms for City Children was a natural fit and we’ve been working with them since 2015.

Find out more about Farms for City Children here.


Nuzzlets started out as a sanctuary for unwanted and abandoned animals in 2002, when they gave a home to three rescued ponies. As their animal family grew, they soon realised that these animals had so much love to give, that could be shared with others who need it. That’s where the idea came to turn Nuzzlets into not just an animal sanctuary, but a care farm and countryside classroom.

Nuzzlets provides homes for unwanted animals, but not only that, they also offer animal-assisted therapy to children with disabilities, special needs and life-threatening illnesses. Nuzzlets provides education in animal welfare through presentations and work placements and also visits a number of hospices, care homes and schools, bringing people together with the love of our furry and feathered friends.

Why we love working with Nuzzlets

Nuzzlets has been close to Tom Joule’s heart for a long time and we were delighted to bring them into the Charitably Joules family in 2014. Founder, Mary established the charity for “the love of animals and to help children” and to create smiles and memories, something that we fully stand behind here at Joules.

Find out more about Nuzzlets here.

Would you like to offer your support to these fantastic charities? Take a peek at their websites to find out more about how you can make a donation or get involved.

Make sure you keep an eye on our social media too as we’ll be sharing lots more about each of our charities!

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