Meet our Friends of Joules

The best thing about living in the countryside is the friends you make along the way. We’re so excited to introduce you to the next chapter in our story: Friends of Joules — your online marketplace for a contemporary country lifestyle.

Seeking out the perfect piece for your home or garden can be tough and take time, so we’ve brought together everything you could possibly need for a true contemporary country lifestyle, in one online marketplace.

We’re excited to introduce you to this stunning collection of products, and the people and businesses behind them. People and businesses we have got to know well and are now proud to call our friends.

Amanda Coleman

Amanda Coleman has always loved creating. Having been born into a family of artisans, making runs through her veins. Amanda’s dream is to share her love and wonder of the world around her and to inspire others through jewellery designs, drawing special attention to the details that she finds so enthralling. From the beautiful golden Bee pendant to the elegant country garden necklace, every piece is designed, and hand crafted in Amanda’s workshop in Lincoln. Craftsmanship and detail are the heart and soul of Amanda Coleman Jewellery. It’s what gives the jewellery it’s unique style, turning the pieces into miniature works of art.

“I’m really pleased to be a Friend of Joules. I love their clothing; their connection they have with the countryside and with nature is a really good partnership with our jewellery.”

Amanda Coleman


Beefayre is a company founded in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee. Since launching in 2012, Beefayre has enjoyed continued success with their range of Natural Plant Wax Candles, Diffusers, Body and Bath product and Greeting Cards. Beefayre are passionate about creating beautiful products that don’t cost the earth – literally. The beautiful botanical illustrations on all their products, are designed by the artist and founder Sharon Jervis, who is passionate about the plight of the honeybee and raising funds for bee conservation projects in the UK.

“Beefayre is a small, very British company. Everything is manufactured and sourced from here.”

Sharon Jervis, Beefayre

Lottie Day

Lottie Day is an illustrator and textile designer, working in her Norfolk studio to produce unique handmade accessories featuring original illustrations inspired by the countryside. Lottie produces unique napkin gift sets and zipper pouches. Unusual tea towel gifts and decorative placemats that create a dining table theme. Allotment root vegetable tea towels and napkins are quirky present ideas for gardeners who have everything. Chefs will love seafood themed red lobster tea towels in their kitchen.

“It’s really fun coming to work and getting to do what you do as a hobby, and that actually then turns into a business.”

Lottie Day

Grown Up Marshmallows

Janet Thompson had never really been a fan of marshmallows, but then again, she’d only ever tasted the pink and white variety. Therefore, when thinking what she could take in for her students as a treat for their efforts in the classroom it had to be something she wouldn’t eat. And so, Grown Up Marshmallows was born. Once Janet had given up her full time teaching job to focus on my marshmallow making, she found her passion was perfecting gourmet marshmallows. She loved the challenge of making a naturally flavoured ‘perfect mallow’ that was firm but yet soft to the touch, light and fluffy on the tongue and full of fresh fruit and flavour. Here was a truly ‘grown-up’ treat, a quality product with seductive appeal. And from then on, the rest is history.

“My impact on the environment is really important, that the packaging was as ethical as the product itself.”

Janet Thompson, Grown Up Marshmallows


Created by conservation scientists and fully British made – Seedball provide a super simple way to grow wildflowers and help bees, butterflies and garden wildlife. Their mission is to make it easier for everyone to grow native wildflowers in their gardens and balconies, they make all of the Seedballs themselves here in the UK. Using locally sourced seeds, peat-free compost, clay and chilli powder. The clay and compost create a protective casting for the seeds, from birds and insects-whilst the chilli deters the slugs and snails. Each steel tin-made from Welsh mined tin, hold up to 20 Seedballs that cover an area of up to 3 meters and are super pollinator friendly. A non-profit organisation, with the future of the British wildlife embedded deep in their hearts.

“We like to see what’s in the garden and what’s the news in the world, and then think how can we possibly make this world a better place?”

Ana Attlee, Seedball

The Den Kit Company

The Den Kit Company started life as a celebration of children’s ingenuity, innovation and creativity. A shared belief that children are at their best when enabled to play outdoors – unencumbered by adult direction and in unstructured activities that allow them the freedom and autonomy to create and imagine. As teachers and parents, we are advocates of outdoor play – it promotes creative problem solving, increases attentions spans, reduces anxiety, widens vocabulary, improves communication skills and is just great, great fun. Designed and hand-made in rural Shropshire, The Den Kit Company’s kits appeal to children’s natural sense of adventure and discovery.

“Even though we’ve packed up thousands of Den Kits, we’re always thinking about the child who’s going to receive it at the other end.”

Jo Jones, The Den Kit Company

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