Meet our Outdoor Ambassadors!

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We’re no stranger to the benefits and beauty of nature which is why we’re thrilled to be introducing our Outdoor Ambassadors! We’ve teamed up with five wonderful outdoors enthusiasts who are as passionate about the outdoors as we are and who will be sharing all their tips and tricks for making the most of nature. Read on to meet them!

Meet… Rosie Jones of @josierones

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

As a writer and a comedian, I spend a lot of my time inside, on my laptop, getting cabin fever! I love walking, and exploring the countryside, because it’s the only part of my day that I truly switch off from work and feel relaxed. Ooo you can’t beat a bit of good, cold, British air in your lungs, can you? My favourite place in the UK is Yorkshire. I’m a Yorkshire lass, born and bred, and in my opinion, it has some of the best scenery in the world. And if you dare to disagree with me I will challenge you to a fight, so be warned!

I am incredibly excited and honoured to be a Joules outdoor ambassador. I have always been a huge fan of their clothes; I LOVE how fun and bright they are! And right now, getting outside and being with nature has never been so important. I have found that my daily walks have kept me going throughout the pandemic. I hope to encourage others to get out there and appreciate what we all have on our doorstep…whilst wearing excellent Joules products, of course!!

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Meet… Robert Douglas of @this_father_life

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Robert, a married father of two boys living in Buckinghamshire, but I’m certainly West Country born and bred. My sons have so much energy, so the only way to expend it is to get outdoors. We are fortunate to have fields and woodland at the end of our road, so we often take pre-dinner walks to let off some steam and breathe the fresh air. My favourite place in the UK is Bristol. The rich mix of culture, city life and countryside is what gives it a special place in my heart.

My Instagram documents the journey I’ve taken as a father but also the realities of raising black boys and breaking the stereotypes of black fathers. Positivity is my main message and I love to encourage people connecting with my platform.

I’m excited to join Joules as an outdoor ambassador. To help me stay mentally fit, particularly in this time, I’ve committed to spending more time outdoors, whatever the weather.  I run my own business which means I spend a lot of time indoors at a desk. Getting out and about helps me to break that routine and refocus.

Read Robert’s ‘Easy Outdoor Adventure Ideas’ here.
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Meet… Sian Anna Lewis of @sianannalewis (also known as The Girl Outdoors)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m the editor of The Girl Outdoors blog and an avid hiker and wild camper. I love championing easy adventures and seeking out beautiful corners of the UK, and I’m a keen wild swimmer, whatever the weather.

I absolutely love Joules’ nature-loving ethos, and this year I think we’re all looking for a little inspiration to help us to get outside and appreciate the wellness-boosting wonders of the great outdoors.

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Meet… Naomi Wilson of @mamasparrowblog

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a mum of two small children, a lazy cat and a never tiring puppy. We all live in the countryside, surrounded by fields and footpaths calling out to be explored. My husband and I spend our days encouraging the children’s natural curiosity and thirst for adventure in the great outdoors.

I’m so excited to be a Joules Outdoor Ambassador and take you along on our adventures. The great outdoors is made to be shared and I’m can’t wait to share it with you all.

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Meet… Abee Hague of @curves.and.campervans

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Abee and I’m a Curvy- Cornish-Campervan loving lass who absolutely LOVES Joules clothes! My favourite days are packing up (Fanny) The Camper with swimming cozzies, cosy clothes and plenty of hot drinks and snacks and heading out to find the perfect coastal park up. A beautiful walk and maybe a swim in the sea and then back to the camper to get cosy, brew up and have a few games of cards whilst overlooking the sea! Heaven!!!

My Instagram is focused on promoting feel-good outfits for all shapes and sizes, positive mental health and getting out and about in nature! I have always been hugely admirable of not only Joules beautiful clothes, but their size inclusivity, promotion of getting outdoors, exploring and having a healthy, happy mentality!

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We’re so happy to welcome our five fantastic Outdoor Ambassadors and we can’t wait to see what they have planned for us. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog and Instagram page where we’ll be sharing all their outdoor inspiration.


  • Lorraine Milner

    03.02.2021 at 08:22 Reply

    Fabulous, I can’t wait to hear from our new ambassadors.

  • Mrs Denise Jagger

    03.02.2021 at 08:22 Reply

    I really enjoyed reading the comments of the people who love our English Countryside and Seaside. I also are a Country lass and love nature and walk miles every day always wearing one or more of my gorgeous Joules outfits . I get lots of lovely comments from people about your beautiful Jackets which l adore. on our walks we always feed the birds it’s lovely for our young grandsons to take part in.

  • Donna Wilson

    03.02.2021 at 09:21 Reply

    It’s lovely to see real people wearing their Joules outdoor gear. I have a little dog who keeps me on my toes, he needs his twice daily walks to use up his boundless energy, which is why I have two Joules coats, which I absolutely love, because they keep me warm and dry out walking the dog.

  • Izzy russell

    03.02.2021 at 10:10 Reply

    Thankyou for your positive and uplifting posts on the ambassadors. What a great happy bunch. I agree too we all need the outdoors more than ever.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • Elizabeth Cropper

    03.02.2021 at 12:54 Reply

    Being outside is everything as far as I am concerned. Outside every day or I dont feel right. I am lucky to live just on the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire near Hollingworth Lake. It is very beautiful. I love walking, especially through trees. Another thing I love is all kinds of wild life. I am seventy two years old which seems unbelievable to me!

  • Brenda Evans

    03.02.2021 at 14:17 Reply

    Really enjoyed reading about the ambassadors..and what they get up to …I live in the north wales I love walking and being in the great outdoors..plenty of fresh air love the cold wind on my face when walking along the beach….I feel proud wearing my joules coats and wellies when out especially when I get complement about what im wearing .

  • Kim Powell

    09.02.2021 at 08:13 Reply

    Loving reading what the Joules Ambassadors are up to in our beautiful world. I too love going on my lovely walks with my husband and our cute little dog Tillly and well I have never had such colourful and practical clothes as the ones I have right now all from my favourite place Joules – my husband also made me an extra wardrobe to accommodate my ever increasing collection of Joules clothing.

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