Meet the Characterful Creatures in our Designs

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At Joules, we create pieces that are bright, contemporary and full of charm. Every element of our designs is inspired by nature and the seasons, from pretty prints to practical pockets. You might have already spotted some little faces in our collections and we thought it was high-time we introduced you to some of these characterful creatures!

Bee-utiful Bees

One of our favorite little friends, it’s the humble bumble. There’s something so cheerful about these little creatures as they zoom from bloom to bloom, and we can’t help but think of spring every time we see them. With their round bodies, little yellow stripes, you’ll find them buzzing around all sorts of our designs, from our signature harbours to even our socks!

bee harbour
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Going Quackers

Waddle you know, it’s our web-footed friends! As the saying goes, rain is lovely weather for ducks and it rains a lot in Britain. With colorful feathers and bright yellow beaks, we love how these feathered friends always bring a bit cheer and charm to grey days.


Don’t forget the dogs!

Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or you’re looking for something paw-some, our collection wouldn’t be complete without a few nods to our furry friends. If you look closely you’ll find our doggy pals scampering over our wellies, relaxing on some slippers by the fireplace and cheekily peeking out of pockets. What can we say? They just love to play.


Nice to sea you

Living on an island as we do, we couldn’t leave out our sea-faring friends! Whilst these creatures might look fierce, they’re actually pretty friendly (a shark can’t help its smile!) and whenever we’re craving a little time by the sea, they’re always there to remind us that sunnier times are on the way. They’re pretty spe-shell like that.

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Which of our creature chums did you like the best? Spotted any more characters you’d like to meet? let us know in the comments!

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