Men’s Shirts Fit(s) for a King

14th September 2016

Buying a shirt can be challenging – there are so many sizes, shapes and styles to consider – but get it right and you’ll find a faithful piece of clothing that you can turn to for almost any occasion.

male models wearing a collection of joules shirts


A great fitting shirt will make an outfit. Ours come in two fits – classic and slim. A good fitting shirt will conform to your shape whilst allowing just the right amount of room to let you breathe, while hiding your unshapely parts (if required) without adding additional weight to your frame.

The Classic Shirt Fit

male model wearing a joules mens shirt

We’ve perfected the fit of our ‘classic fit’ shirts over time. Designed for a traditional and comfortable fit, they are available in a great choice of patterns, colours and fabrics.

The Slim Shirt Fit

male model wearing a mens slim fit shirt

Our ‘slim fit’ shirts are slimmer across the front, back and waist giving a fitted silhouette, and although they are classed as ‘slim’ it doesn’t mean that they won’t be a good choice no matter how big you are. All it does mean is that the shirt will be more fitted to your shape. You’ll find these shirts in the same great quality fabrics our classic fit styles are crafted in.


a set of folded mens shirts in a line

This is where as a brand we can really say we’re a class above. Our fabric technicians are constantly in pursuit of shirt perfection and it shows. No matter how good a photograph is it will never fully do our shirts justice because of how well constructed the fabric is. When you’re done reading this, find out where your nearest Joules shop is and go and have a feel – you won’t be disappointed.


When designing a shirt we always begin with the end – if that makes sense. We’ll carefully consider where, when and how a shirt will be worn. For instance when creating our Overshirt – our designers had cold days spent outdoors in mind before they started sketching. When designing the Lyndhurst shirt our menswear team were thinking (or probably dreaming) of long, lazy Sunday afternoons in the pub. And the Wilby shirt was made with smarter occasions in mind… dare we say the office?

So no matter what you’re up to this season, the chances are we’ll have the perfect shirt (in the perfect fit) for you.

Why not feast your eyes on our latest men’s line-up today and let us know what your staple style is?

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  • jamie Saunders

    28.10.2016 at 10:16 Reply

    Nice collection of shirts. I mostly wear t shirts and purchase shirts only for office. Thank you for sharing this post.

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