My Top 5 Bonfire Night Traditions

We all get it: That first little flutter of “it’s autumn”, when we see a golden leaf float to the ground. It really brings such joy to my life to watch this beautiful seasonal change take place. The tree at the end of our street suddenly starts dropping buckets of conkers, and as their shells fall and break on the ground, little children scamper around grabbing the shiny chestnuts ready for playing with. Layering up in knitwear and waxed cottons, picking up pumpkins from local farmers and finding any excuse to have a bonfire. Here’s my top five Guy Fawkes night traditions…

Guest post by blogger Emily of Brick Dust and Glitter

The Fire

The cold weather pushes many of us into hibernation, but a bonfire gets my husband Rob, our two children Raph and Etta and myself back out into the elements and making the most of autumn. Watching crowds of people looking skyward with gasps of ohhh and ahhh as colourful fireworks pop is a beautiful sight. As is lighting sparklers and seeing the children’s wonderment as they write their name in the sky!

Skirting Danger

Seeing how close to the bonfire you can stand, eating chips without gloves on, drinking your hot chocolate before it’s cooled down, anticipating the eruption of fireworks but the sounds still making you jump. Bonfire night seems to be accompanied by the presence of endless rickety fair rides. Spending an extortionate amount of money to ride tea cups that don’t look like they would pass a health and safety check, wouldn’t be acceptable on any other day of the year!

Building a Guy

Guy Fawkes is who it’s all about. Reckless or revolutionary, it’s his failed attempt of treason that bought us the best thing in autumn; bonfire night. Gathering old clothes and building our Guy for the fire is chaos but fun.

The Food

Having fun with food on bonfire night. Roasting marshmallows on the fire, pumpkin soup, bonfire toffee, hotdogs, apple bobbing. What’s not to love? Try our salted caramel toffee apple recipe!

Warming up

Layering up in soft faux fur linings, layerable knits and checked scarves then having the cold air hit your face and fill your lungs is one of my favourite feelings. But nothing beats that moment when you walk into the house with icy cheeks and the warmth of home hits you. You de-layer as children run around your feet and leave behind an assault course of boots, hats and scarves for us to work our way through. Just enough time to snuggle on the sofa as a family with a movie and warm cocoa.

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