New Year, New Wellies

13th January 2018

The weather is bleak; foggy, cold and just plain miserable looking – welcome to January. The temptation to hibernate may be strong but we promise you, you’ll feel all the better for getting out there in the elements. If you’re a dog owner of course then you’ve got no choice in the matter.

Joules collection of printed women's wellies

Having the right kit makes all the difference in getting motivated to get outside. Let’s start with wellies. Our women’s wellies are designed to match back with our Right as Rain collection of jackets and accessories. Available in all heights and widths to suit all calf sizes and boasting our very own unique prints, they are one of our best-loved products.

With a little bit of care and attention your wellies will last years and be one of the most trusted items in your wardrobe. It’s really not difficult, keep them clean with our Buffer Up welly cleaning spray to restore their finish to its original shine and make sure they’re dry when you store them. That’s it.

Thinking of treating yourself? Here’s a selection of our top 5 favourites.

1. The Mid-height Welly

Joules collection of printed women's wellies

The silver botanical print of these wellies is seriously stylish and sure to raise a compliment or two. Cut to mid-height to allow for ease of movement and to make them suitable for all calf sizes.

2. The Ankle Boot Welly

Joules collection of printed women's wellies

How low can you go? Well, as low as a Wellibob, that’s for sure. The original rubber welly ankle boot that’s a perennial favourite. Easy to get on and off, we recommend keeping a pair by the back door.

3. The Printed Welly

Joules collection of printed women's wellies

We’ve taken the classic tall welly and added eye-catching colour pop spots to make them stand out on even the greyest day.

4. The Faux Fur Welly

Joules collection of printed women's wellies

With a faux fur collar for warmth there are no draughts whatsoever with these wellies. Cut to mid-height they’re incredibly easy to wear too.

5. The Chelsea Boot Welly

Joules collection of printed women's wellies

Meet the welly that doesn’t look like a welly. Designed to look like a Chelsea boot and featuring a works-with-everything leopard print lining that’s coated with translucent rubber for water proofing.

Want to learn more about the good old Wellington boot? Now you can, thanks for our fabulous guide to the versatile footwear.

What activities do you do in your Joules wellies?

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  • Sophie Callahan

    12.01.2018 at 17:02 Reply

    Oh I love the Chelsea Boot Wellies! How original. And perfect for when you want to look stylish, but need to be practical at the same time. Genius!

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