We’re big fans of getting outdoors here at Joules, whatever the weather – there are so many reasons to love the rain! The rain has endless opportunities and is a great time to get outdoors, put on your wellies and waterproof coat and get exploring. If you need a bit of inspiration for what to do on a rainy day at home, or how you can enjoy the outdoors in the great British weather, we have picked out our 6 favourite ideas for a rainy day for you to enjoy. From jumping in water puddles to making a mud pie, read on to find out more. Fun fact! People who enjoy the rain are called Pluviophiles – every day’s a learning day!


Rain (just the right amount) can turn the great outdoors into a giant playground. Splashing in puddles is a classic rainy day activity that can bring a sense of childlike joy and playfulness. Whether you’re watching your little ones, or joining in too, the act of splashing through a puddle can be a fun and refreshing way to enjoy a rainy day. Just make sure you put on your wellies and raincoat to keep yourself nice and dry.
Note. This activity is definitely not just for children!


Any rainy day is the perfect excuse to make the most of the great indoors. Cuddle up and enjoy a film under the duvet or start that book you got for Christmas. Reading a book in the rain can be a cosy and immersive experience. The sound of the rain falling against the window and the cosy feeling of being inside can make for the perfect atmosphere to get lost in a good book.
Whether spending the day solo, or looking for rainy day activities for kids, delving into a good book or sitting on the sofa to watch their favourite film is a great way to spend your day.


In case you didn’t know, we’re big fans of heading outside on a rainy day and truly believe that if you’re wearing the right (bright) clothes, there’s no such thing as bad weather. Walking in the rain can be a refreshing and invigorating experience. The cool rain can help to clear your mind and the sound of the rain falling can be soothing and calming. Don’t let the weather hold you back from getting outside, grab an umbrella and enjoy a refreshing walk. Plus, the children will think it’s great !

4. Raindrop Races

What to do on a rainy day at home? It’s got to be raindrop races! Surely you used to do this as a child? Simply sit by the window (a house, train, car – all are great) and bet on a raindrop to make it to the bottom first – you can even assign different raindrops different names to make it more exciting. It can be played in pairs or simply by yourself. Raindrop races can be a fun and light-hearted activity that can be enjoyed by anyone – not just kids! 

5. Camping

What, camping? Yes! Camping. If you think rain sounds good against a window, just wait until it’s falling on top of your tent. It can be fun and exciting, you can play card games or board games inside the tent, cook meals over the campfire, or go for a hike in the rain. With a little preparation and a positive attitude, camping in the rain can be a great adventure. Your sleeping bag will have never seemed as snuggly (as long as your tent is waterproof).

6. Make A Mud Pie

Not that appetising but an awful lot of fun, making mud pies is a great and messy activity all the family can join in with. Simply pull on your wellies and waterproofs and find a muddy spot. Season your creation with small sticks, leaves, rocks and flowers. Use your hands to mix and mould, and be sure to watch out for worms. Making a mud pie can be a fun and creative way to play and explore the natural world with your little ones on a rainy day.
Note – remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the mud!
Whatever you decide to do, just get your best rainy day outfits out of the wardrobe and take some time to relax and enjoy the slower pace of a rainy day. Make sure you have children’s wellies and raincoats at the ready so they’re well equipped for a rainy day too!

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