Our Guide to Classic Rugby Shirts & 5 reasons why you should own one

4th August 2017

At Joules, rugby runs through our veins. We sold our first collection of rugby shirts from a show stand at an outdoor event in 1989, but our association with this wonderful game goes back a lot further…

joules guides to men's classic rugby shirts

Tom Joule’s Dad, Ian (along with the help of others) actually founded the Market Harborough Mini Rugby Team in which Tom played a star role. Today the set-up and competitiveness of the Mini Rugby Team is up there with the best in the country.

But that’s the history lesson out of the way; we want to give you five reasons why our classic rugby shirts are one of the most stylish items around today.

1. Off the Pitch Perfect

When the weekend rolls around, comfort should be a priority. So soft, breathable cotton and a relaxed fit is something to keep in mind. Simply wear a rugby shirt with your favourite shorts or jeans and wind down in style.

joules guides to men's classic rugby shirts

2. Sporting Heritage Style

Whatever your sporting background, this versatile style is perfect for every fan. It’s something you can wear in your twenties and still pull off when you’re a lot older.

3. It’s All in the Detail

We love sneaking carefully considered details into everything we do. The embroidery, labels, stitching – the true craftsmanship that goes into these garments might not be apparent at first look. But once you notice them they’ll constantly remind you that you’re wearing something special.

joules guides to men's classic rugby shirts

4. A Casual Classic

The stripes, contrasting collars, embroidery, long sleeves and buttons keep things sharp while still retaining all the feel of a cosy sweater. A classic rugby shirt will be perfect for any occasion – the pub, the park, the match you name it.

5. Built to Last

Soft yet sturdy cotton is what our rugby shirts are constructed from and this makes them tough. They’ll be a match for anything and any occasion – and no matter how many times they face the washing machine, they’ll still come out looking a winner.

joules guides to men's classic rugby shirts

Which style is your favourite?

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