Planting New Woodlands, with the Woodland Trust

Here at Joules, we love getting back to nature and understand the importance of protecting our natural world. That’s exactly why we’re working with the Woodland Trust to help create new British woodlands for even more future generations to enjoy and explore.

This month, the Joules team and a handful of our friends laced up our boots, zipped up our coats and headed to Derbyshire with shovels in tow to plant a brand new patch of woodland. This is all part of our pledge to plant 250,000 trees with the Woodland Trust by 2022, and this tree planting day was just the beginning!

Read on to find out more about why this is such an important cause to us here at Joules, and how you can get involved too…

The day began with excitement and enthusiasm for the task ahead, with plenty of layers, woolly hats and gloves supplied even though the sun was beginning to creep from the clouds. Some of that excitement was put down to the four Leicester Tigers players (Guy Thompson, Sam Aspland-Robinson, Calum Green and Owen Hill) that would be joining us in our efforts, as well us some of our fabulous Joules influencers, Niki of @blooming_niki, Beth of @bethannestagram, Claire of @thegreeneyedgirl, Holly of @hollymadelife and Molly of @girlaboutderbyshire.

Tree 2

Once we arrived at the Young People’s Forest at Mead, we met with our friendly Woodland Trust representatives, Chris (Site Manager for Mead), Helen (Youth Development Officer) and Emily (Youth Development Officer) to take us through what we could expect for the day. Chris told us all about why planting new woodlands is so important for us, for our wildlife, and for our planet, as the Woodland Trust work to get millions of trees in the ground each year (that’s a lot of trees!). He also explained to us that the saplings that we planted will grow into native broadleaf trees which are best suited for the site and crucial for providing food and shelter for our wildlife.

Here are just some of the amazing facts that Chris shared with us:

01. In 2019, the Woodland Trust planted or enabled the planting of 4.1 million trees across the UK, both on and off their estate.

02. They’ve planted more than 47 million trees since they began in 1972 and worked with thousands of landowners, schools and local authorities during this time.

03. The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with just 13% tree cover compared to the European average of 37%. And only around half of this is native woodland.

04. The UK needs 50 million new trees per year to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This equates to a million new hectares of woodland cover, and some 1.5 billion trees.

Tree 3
Tree 4

The rest of the day was spent digging and planting (with a stop for lunch of course!), with more than 1,000 trees planted by the team. By the end of the day, we’d all had a good work out, gotten covered almost head to toe in mud and learned a lot about the wonders of our woodlands.

Tree 5
Tree 6

The most exciting thing about this tree planting day is that it is just the first part of our ongoing partnership with the Woodland Trust, and we have lots more still to come. You can even get involved too!

To help us reach our target of planting 250,000 trees over the next three years, we’re planting one tree for every pair of Joules wellies bought in March and April.*​ So if you pop into store or head online and treat yourself to a new pair of welly boots, you’ll be helping us plant new woodlands all over the UK.

*T&Cs apply

This post was brought to you in partnership with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity.  With over 1,000 free-to-visit woods across the UK, why not head to your nearest Woodland Trust site for your next walk?

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