Pre-Spring Fashion with the Running in Lavender Family

16th February 2017

The lovely Heledd from Running in Lavender, a family friendly lifestyle blog shows us how the Running in Lavender family stay warm yet stylish in the cold.

It may be almost spring but with the current freezing weather conditions, it’s hard to even think about ditching our ‘winter uniform’ of warm coats and bobble hats. As a family we spend most of our free time outdoors at local parks, gardens, National Trust properties or just in our own back garden.

Running in Lavender lifestyle and fashion blogger wears waterproof coat in field

The big girls love getting out on their scooters and bikes, running free and generally enjoying the excitement and adventure of discovering new places. My parents buy us a National Trust family membership for Christmas every year, which is such a great present. It’s a gift that literally keeps giving, all year long. Each place we’ve visited offers a new adventure for the girls, a chance to discover secret play areas or tucked away trails. Believe me, if there’s something fun to be found, they’ll sniff it out.

girls wearing bobble hats and waterproof quilted coats play on scooters

Over the half-term break, as long as it’s not snowing or pouring buckets of rain (and that we’re not ill), we’ll be making the most of our National Trust membership and heading outdoors to find our next family adventure. Our philosophy is, wrap up warm and enjoy being outside.

We all have a warm Joules coat and bobble hat to keep us warm, so we’re ready to go! We all chose our own coat (although the big girls chose baby Iris’ pink coat). I asked everyone what they liked most about their Joules coats/ jackets and this is what they said…

blogger wears padded waterproof coat and bobble hat

Heledd – “I love the fullness of the fluffy hood and how warm and cozy this coat is. It’s like wearing a big, gorgeously soft duvet.”

father wearing quilted newdale coat with daughter

Dom – “I like the fact that this jacket has so many pockets! The fabric is also really soft and it has a very cool lining.”

girls model joules waterproof navy coats and bobble hats in park

Poppy – “I like the rabbit right here (pointing to the logo on her coat) and the pockets, and I like the fluff on my hood, it’s like yours mummy.”

baby wears pink padded waterproof coat whilst be held by father

Iris – Obviously Iris doesn’t talk but we all agreed that her coat was a great fit, looked pretty and kept her lovely and warm.

Do you children have a favourite outerwear item?


  • Jenny

    17.02.2017 at 19:37 Reply

    Oh these are adorable lovely. I could use a coat like this for my two little ones too. I love the matching styles. Will have to check them out. Yours would be perfect for the school run and park days too. Gorgeous. Even Daddy got one. That’s fab. What great outdoor wear for Spring.

  • Kerry

    18.02.2017 at 08:28 Reply

    You can’t go wrong with a good navy coat. You all look lovely! I love your bobble hat too x x x

  • Kerry Villers

    19.02.2017 at 17:12 Reply

    They all look so lovely. I always think you can’t go wrong with navy coats, so classic.

  • Heledd - Running in lavender

    19.02.2017 at 23:07 Reply

    Thank you so much for having me and my crew on the Joules Journal xx

  • Kerri-Ann Hargreaves

    21.02.2017 at 08:15 Reply

    Aww what lovely coats and I love Iris’s pink version. I have never been a fan of this type of material but it looks so cute x

  • Morgana

    21.02.2017 at 10:07 Reply

    Such pefect warm winter coats! We’ve always loved Joules and these look fab.

  • Caro Davies

    24.02.2017 at 19:35 Reply

    SUCH a beautiful family — and gorgeous clothes too!! I LOVE Joules — definitely my fave brand for family-wear xx

  • Jo

    26.02.2017 at 10:51 Reply

    I love all these coats, I only started looking at Joules once I’d had kids but it’s now one of my favourites. How adorable does Iris look? SO cute. xx

  • Eshaa

    04.07.2017 at 12:00 Reply

    All pics are amazing .. And coats are lovely…

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