Print Story: Creating our Heritage Floral Print

The inspiration behind our Heritage Floral print began along our British shorelines where stubborn wildflowers sprinkle wind-flattened grass and wisps of greenery peek out from golden sand dunes. With its warm, vibrant colours and its wild, unpredictable pattern, our Heritage Floral print is a marriage of all the elements of British coastlines up and down the country, from the dramatic cliffs of Scotland to the pastel beach huts of Norfolk.

heritage floral 6
heritage floral 3

We really wanted this print to reflect our country roots and heritage, so we began by delving into our print archives. There, we have all sorts of designs, from vintage prints that we’ve picked out on our travels to Joules prints from our past collections. We revisited a number of florals and were drawn to so many that we decided to layer all the ones we loved in one print (who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?) We then picked out elements from the various designs that we loved such as camellias or roses – flowers that have been the stars of many of our Joules prints in the past and that really embody the Joules’ British country side.

heritage floral
Heritage Floral 8
heritage floral 2

Next, it was time to choose our colours! Our Print team always experiments with a lot of colours and mediums to get our prints just how they want them. They’ll often use paint, pencil and inks but also like to explore different techniques such as lino printing. For our Heritage Floral print, they hand painted each element of the design individually before slowly layering them all together to create a print as bright as a field of wildflowers.

Choosing the right colours can often be the hardest part and we wanted our Heritage Floral print to be full of optimism and the brightness of nature. The warm yellows, rich greens and slightly cooler blues do just that. From sandy beaches to dappled woodlands, our Heritage print unites all the colours and contours of the British countryside in a print that is bright and uplifting. No matter where you look on this print, there is something wild and unpredictable yet also joyous about it. From a hint of sunny yellow to soft pinks that slip into hues of midnight blue, our Heritage Floral prints captures all the freshness and brightness of nature and of the new year to come.

heritage floral 5
heritage floral 4
heritage floral 7

As winter starts to melt away and signs of spring begin to appear, we’re in love with our Heritage Floral print. Beautifully British and marrying our optimism for the future to our coast and country roots, it’s one of our favourite designs.

In fact, we loved it so much we made sure on all sorts of different pieces. Who doesn’t love a floral print?

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