Print Story: Creating our Highland Ditsy Print

It was the colours of the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands that inspired our Highland Ditsy Print. As our Design team explored the wild beauty of the region, the blues and greens of this far-flung corner of the British Isles couldn’t help but catch their eye. From bright clear skies to vibrant vegetation, our Highland Ditsy print is an echo of the beauty of the Highlands.

ditsy prod 3
ditsy prod

Our hand-painted Highland Ditsy print is here to prove that florals are not just for summer. As nature clings onto the last of its bright summer colours, the cooler tones in this print are a reminder of how flowers still dust the fields and hedgerows. As our Highland walks turned into a spot-the-wildflower hunt, we were determined to carry some of these buds, spotted amongst the nooks and crannies, into the cooler seasons. And so, our Highland Ditsy Print was born.

We knew that we had to replicate the cool blues and greens of the Cairngorms and decided that paint would be the best way to translate their vibrancy. To make sure that the flowers would really stand out, we chose a navy background. The dark background colour would give a pop to the florals as well as subtly reinforcing the blue hues of the petals.

ditsy land
ditsy shirt 2
ditsy land 2

Next, we mixed colours for the florals that would both contrast and compliment each other. The idea was to convey the understated beauty and simplicity of the wildflowers we’d seen. Rather than large florals, the flowers we’d seen were small, hidden treasures smattered across the sweeping landscapes. What better way to echo this in our design than with a sea of tiny flowers that only peek out when you take a closer look.

On fabric, our Highland print looked just as we hoped it would. Painted by hand, the print was unique and in some places unpredictable, just like the Cairngorms. The blues and greens mirrored the hues we had admired as well as capturing the beautifully bright colours of the changing seasons.

ditsy prod 4
ditsy land 5
ditsy prod 5

As summer melts into autumn, we’re in love with our Highland Ditsy print. Beautifully British and marrying the best of both seasons, it’s one of our favourite designs.

In fact, we loved it so much we made sure it was also available for little ones. Who doesn’t love a floral print?

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  • Joy Jhugroo

    24.09.2020 at 07:51 Reply

    I have been to the Cairngorms National Park in the autumn and you have reflected the colors of the region and the pretty little flowers beautifully! We too looked for tiny flowers amongst the rocks and lichen.

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