Free Printable Puddle Splashing Game For Kids

Feeling a bit cooped up after the festive period? Why not welly up and get outdoors? Inspire little ones to have fun outside whatever the weather, with our fun free printable puddle splashing game.

How To Play Our Puddle Splashing Game

1  Hit the button below to download our free PDF. Print off a few copies to take on a winter walk

2  Log the date and time of your puddle splashing trip. One day it could become a precious family memory

3  Write the names of who is up for the challenge in the top row of boxes

4  Assign a judge, who will ascertain whether a puddle is a ‘very muddy puddle’, a ‘really deep puddle’ or a ‘extra big puddle’

5  Tick off puddles as you walk, then tally up your totals

6. The player with the most puddles at the end of your walk is the official puddle champion!

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