Quinntessential Ice Cream

You scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream! This classic recipe can be made without an ice cream maker, and brings back sunny memories on days spent on the beach. We teamed up with Great British Bake-Off winner (and our former baby and toddler clothing designer), Frances Quinn, to bring you her Quinntessential Ice Cream recipe.



600ml double cream

1 can of condensed milk

1 tbsp vanilla bean paste


Place the double cream, condensed milk and vanilla bean paste in a bowl. Beat with an electric beater (or stand mixer) until everything has combined and the mixture has reached soft to medium peaks. Fold through any extras you like or leave plain. Transfer into a freezer proof container and freeze-ideally overnight, until the ice cream has frozen.


Zest in a lemon, orange or lime for a citrus twist

Use half soured cream and half double for a tangy ice cream taste

Use half cream cheese and half double for a cheese cake taste

Add goats cheese or feta with honey and figs for an ice cream cheese board!

Fold through everything from berries, biscuits, brownies, cake etc.

Swirl peanut butter and jam through the mix

Tea cake and hot cross bun croutons add a delicious spice and crunch

Crumbled up scones, pieces of strawberries and jam make for a non-traditional
afternoon ice cream tea and sundae!

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