Rugby World Cup by Nick Aged 10 1/2

Nick Nunn is a 10 ½ year old Rugby expert and recent graduate of Upper Basildon Blogger Summer School. Read on to see our junior blogger’s hopes, dreams and top tips for the Rugby World Cup 2015 in an interview by his sister Lexi Nunn.

Junior blogger Nick Nunn

I’m watching the warm up game England vs Ireland, and World Cup game Australia vs England. If I’m good for a month, I get to go to the World Cup final with my Dad. Twickenham is my favourite stadium, I’ve been four times. Leicester Tigers are my favourite team.

Nick, what’s your favorite thing about Rugby? 

My favorite thing about going to a Rugby game is the atmosphere. It’s amazing. I like the singing, I only know the words to one song, one without any naughty words!

How do you cope with the English weather when watching live Rugby?

In the winter, I wear lots of clothes and jump up and down. In the summer I have lemonade and water to cool down.

What are your favorite snacks to eat during the game?

Before the game a have a bacon roll with ketchup. Sometimes a hotdog during a game. I’m allowed cola when I go to the Rugby.

Junior blogger Nick Nunn
Junior blogger Nick Nunn

How much do you love mud and why?

I like mud because you can splash around in it. But I don’t like it when you have to walk home and it’s all sticky.

Do you prefer watching Rugby at home on TV or live in a stadium?

At a stadium, it’s more lively than sitting and watching TV and VERY loud!

What’s your favorite team and player?

My favorite team is Leicester Tigers. They’re not my local team but I’ve been to watch them at least five times. My favorite player is Manu Tuilagi.

Favourite Rugby World Cup facts?

Wembley Stadium can almost hold the entire population of Tonga. There are 103,000 people in Tonga, Wembley can hold 90,000.

Lexi Nunn

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What are your Rugby World Cup plans? Pub, home or live in action?


  • Becks Simms

    16.09.2015 at 20:49 Reply

    Defo a Rugby BBQ for the first match

  • Helen Howes

    17.09.2015 at 08:53 Reply

    great report guys… love the photos too!

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