Say it with flowers…

12th February 2016

Many will surprise their beloved with a pricey posy this Valentine’s Day, any floral connoisseur will tell you, it’s worth splashing out on quality if you want your sensual stems to last.

Red roses are standard Valentine’s Day issue but they’re not for everyone. So if the traditional bunch of blooms feels all too predictable, declare your love with fresh florals that suit your lover’s unique personality.

Jay Archer is a one of the UK’s leading experts in all things flowery and runs her own Flower School in Hampshire, where budding florists, professionals and flower-lovers can polish their knowledge and arranging skills. We asked her for some expert advice on choosing the perfect bouquet.

But what should you choose? This is not the day to be making any floral faux pas, after all. Jay suggests creating a bouquet to match your partner’s personality could be the best way to bowl them over.

If she’s energetic and outgoing…

Go for bright primary colours that are bright and striking. Choose bright yellow daffodils and narcissus flowers with their intoxicating scent, or mix rich fuchsia pink anemones with pale sweet-smelling yellow mimosa. Bold and beautiful.

The hopeless romantic..

Choose winter peonies in pale and whimsical shades of blush pink, peach, pale lemon or cappuccino white speckled with pink. Bunch them together with some fresh cherry blossom and loosely tie with ribbon. Artfully understated.

Sharp and sophisticated…

White lilac is classic and stylish (it smells divine too) and it comes with its own vibrant green foliage so you won’t need to add any. Parrot tulips are particularly perfect this time of year too. With their layers of petals constantly expanding and changing shape, they’re the stylish bloom that keeps on giving. Simply beautiful.

Likes things to be traditional…

If only the richest red roses will do, add some lily of the valley to your bouquet to add a sweet-smelling contemporary twist. While the classic red rose is undeniably elegant, piano roses are a gorgeous alternative. Much more rounded in shape they look like they’ve just been plucked fresh from a country garden and tied simply with ribbon, they’ll melt her heart.

Love may endure but how long will your Valentine’s bouquet last?

Much longer if you follow Jay’s five top tips…
  • Wash out your vase with bleach and warm water then rinse thoroughly to remove any bacteria, as it’s these tiny germs that age your flowers.
  • Cut every stem at a sharp angle before you put them in water.
  • Don’t forget the flower food. This sugary solution will keep your flowers beautiful for longer.
  • Change the water in your vase every day or at least every two days.
  • Keep your flowers somewhere cool. Steer clear of radiators or draughty windows.

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