Showing You Care

1st March 2018

Teacher, chef, counsellor, diplomatic peace keeper, financial advisor, chauffeur, cleaner and nurse – just some of the hats worn by mothers on a day-to-day, no, make that, hour-to-hour basis. There are of course less vocational descriptions; confidante, friend and cheer leader spring to mind, along with fixer of everything, walking shoulder to cry on and one woman cabaret. Perhaps you’re a mum yourself and you can recognise those as some of your own qualities? Go on, it’s perfectly OK to do so; being a mother is one of the most difficult (and rewarding) jobs there is, credit where it’s due.

Mother’s Day is approaching and it will come as no surprise that hands down it’s one of our favourite days of the year; a day set aside to remember, to celebrate, to honour and to simply show that you care. Expressing gratitude does not need to be a grand, expensive gesture; there are many ways to show you care that won’t break the bank but will make a huge impact. With thought, care and consideration a home-spun Mother’s Day can be one of the most memorable.

Home Spa

Stock up on face packs, new nail varnish, body scrubs, bath oils and maybe throw in a bottle of fizz too. Make like you’re at a spa and invest in some quality pampering/chat time together. Quality time together and new nails – win/win.

A day at the movies

Choose a film showing that you wouldn’t usually be able to attend; a matinee perhaps or a breakfast showing, a time that feels a little bit indulgent – it’ll make the experience more memorable. Look out for classic film showings or brunch and film combos that are often a feature at independent cinemas.

Table service

Home cooked food really can be the best food. Get the groceries in and make her all her favourites. Whether it’s breakfast, a lazy brunch or an evening meal, get busy with the pans and make sure the most taxing thing she does is sit and chat at the kitchen table.

Say cheese

We take so many photographs but rarely print any of them out. Plunder family and friend’s phones, as well as laptops and stray memory cards for a mixture of old and recent pictures. Print them out to create a personal photo album. Mix in some Polaroid style prints for interest.

We just wanted to say, ‘thank you’ this Mother’s Day…

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