Spring Print Story: Creating our Kelmarsh Floral Print

Sometimes inspiration comes from the simplest of places – all it took was a summer stroll through Kelmarsh Hall gardens in Northamptonshire to inspire our Kelmarsh Floral Print. We caught up with Print Designer, Rebecca Bushell, to find out what makes it so special.

Kelmarsh Gardens

“I went in the summer time and the garden was bursting with amazing colours and smells. It seemed full of life! I spend the whole day just soaking in the calm atmosphere, wandering through the greenhouses and sketching the beautiful flowers and buds that were coming out.

A lot of the flowers were very delicate and billowy and there was such a variety of flowers and colours – I felt really inspired to play with colour and movement as I painted.”

Kelmarsh flower
Kelmarsh greenhouse (1)
Kelmarsh flower (1)

“I used watered-down gouache and quite big paintbrushes to really capture the water colour effect and delicacy of the petals. I held my brushes really loosely and painted and painted until I had all different types of flowers and colours. It felt very loose and free!

I then layered the flowers onto a dark green background to lend a garden feel to the print. My walk at Kelmarsh felt joyful and full of life and I really wanted to communicate that feeling of being surrounded by amazing blooms and foliage.

The Kelmarsh Floral Print is the result!”

Thank you for sharing, Rebecca! Full of countryside charm and spring sunshine, catch us wearing this print all season long.

Looking to get that spring floral feeling?

Fancy visiting Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens? Find their visiting information here.

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  • Jane Leeming

    05.04.2021 at 16:27 Reply

    I really love this colourway, the subtle green background for all the summer pinks. I will definitely follow this with interest as its delicate, fresh and very feminine! Well done!!

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