Summer Holiday Nature Activities, with the Woodland Trust

And just like that, the summer holidays are upon us once again. Whether you’ll be staying mostly in your garden this summer, or if you’re venturing a little further afield, it’s always a good idea to have some activities up your sleeve to entertain the little ones.

So, we’ve teamed up with Ruth, Director of Brand and Communications at the Woodland Trust⁠ who shared some ideas for doing just that.

1. Leaf printing

Leaves have such interesting shapes and textures. Use them in this printing craft and help your kids learn more about trees. Gather some leaves from your garden – look for different sizes and shapes. Paint one side of each leaf and press them onto a sheet of card. Gently peel the leaves away to reveal intricate prints! Afterwards, if your kids would like to find out more about the trees in your garden they can look at the British trees pages on the Woodland Trust’s website to find out more.

2. Listen to the sounds of nature

You can definitely tell that summer is in the air, even without having to open your eyes! Encourage your children to listen to the sounds of summer with this mindful activity and help them use their senses to connect with nature.

Head out into your garden or open a window, and listen for sounds of summer. You might find closing your eyes helps you focus. Can you hear chirping grasshoppers, buzzing bees, tweeting birds or leaves being ruffled by the breeze? What else do you hear?

Download activity pack here.

3. Twig Boat Race

On your marks, get set, go! Why not have a go at making your very own raft out of twigs and challenge another member of your family to a boat race? Simply gather some twigs from your garden, line them up and fasten them together with string. Slot an upright stick into your raft to make a mast and thread a leaf or two onto it for the sails.

Once you’ve made them, try your boats out on a puddle, in a paddling pool or even in your bath. Have a race and see who can blow their boat from one side to the other first! For an extra challenge add some cargo, such as small pebbles, nuts or berries.

Download activity sheet here.

4. Tree spotting

Download activity pack here.

Check out the Woodland Trust blog here for more hints and tips for how to make the most of nature.

Pssst…Did you know? From just £5 a month, you can get a family membership for the Woodland Trust, giving you and the whole family access not only a wealth of information but a huge community of like-minded members. Check out the Woodland Trust website here for more information.

 You can also find out more about how we’re working with the Woodland Trust right here.

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  • Bee Thomas

    27.07.2020 at 07:54 Reply

    Great ideas to inspire creativity and bring everyone closer to nature. Add painting pebbles too and create a bee trail in your garden.???

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