Mum And Dad’s Guide To Surviving Staycations

18th July 2016

We’re all for the great staycation but there’s no denying little ones are prone to getting a tad restless. With nifty ideas to ensure summer holidays are a breeze, it’s the Joules Ultimate Home-Holidaying Guide to the rescue!

Guide to Surviving Family Holiday Staycations

– Organise A Sports Day

It’s always the highlight of their end-of-school-year so why not have another? It doesn’t take too much coordinating to get them all gathered together for a few rounds of egg and spoon, sack jumping and wheelbarrow racing. They’ll love it! Mums and dads, stay sporty and stylish on the side-lines with breathable, preppy polo shirts. For little girls, leggings will guarantee lively legs keep colourful and our cargo shorts ensure maximum movement for sprightly boys who love sprinting and hopping the day away.

Go outdoors and host your own sports day!

– Go Strawberry Picking

It’s one of those classic summer pastimes that often gets overlooked these days. Locate your nearest strawberry picking field and head off enthusiastically armed with gardening gloves for aback-to-nature treat all the family will love. Then, when back at home enjoy your spoils with good old cream and sugar, or why not make homemade jam to really extend this culinary adventure. Sweaters and t-shirt dresses are perfect for the field to protect arms from any burning rays and deal with any chilly spells too. Just add plimsolls and sunglasses.

The family could go strawberry picking

– Hop Along To A British Pier

Britain’s seaside piers make for a wonderfully memorable day out. Treading the rickety wooden structures, ice cream in hand is always a nostalgic thing to do. Beat the sea breeze with our Packaways and Harbours when at the seaside, it doesn’t come more charming than a nautical themed Breton top.

Visit local piers during your staycation

– Explore A Nature Reserve

Nature parks, reserves and woodlands are dotted around the country ( is a good place discover ones near you) and provide the perfect setting to really get the children embracing and learning about nature. Hunting down animal tracks, spotting water boatmen, dragonflies and more, your clan will be embracing their inner explorers in no time. Go armed with waterproofs, and light layers that can be added and removed as and when needed.

Visit the wild at a variety of nature reserves around the UK

– Take Them Boating

There are plenty of lakes and boating spots nationwide to hire rowing boats and pedalos. Mum can float the day away in our stripy Saltwash sweatshirt and Dad can look dapper in a Skipperton tee. The little ones will be more than happy taking the oars (or pedals) in our Jack and Mishmash jersey tops too. To finish, it’s got to be a slice of cake and cuppa at the lakeside café or boathouse, surely.

Wear stripes and go boating

– Games Marathon

For those days when it’s pouring (we know there’s a fair few) nothing beats a marathon of games to get everyone together and smiling again. Get every member of the family to pick their favourite – from board games to indoor Ping-Pong – what else is the kitchen table for? Cards and charades are always winners too. Create prizes for the winners, things like no chores for the rest of the week or extra pudding should do it! Get cosy in relaxed pieces like these dropped hem jumpers, rugby shirts and jersey tops.

Have a games marathon with all the family

– Family Fishing Trip

A day spent fishing or crabbing will not only get them out in the fresh air, but will teach them a little about where the food they eat comes from. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, create a den for the day, with blankets and welcoming foldaway chairs, then pray for some sunshine! A gilet will keep things toasty but leave arms free for fiddling with the hooks, lines and bate. Stash some sarnies, sausage rolls and fruit in one of our cool bags to keep energy levels up.

Try a family fishing trip on your holiday

– Throw A Picnic

Whether it’s an old fashioned teddy bear’s picnic, dinosaur, princess or pirate themed, let the children pick and plan the menu (within reason!) Then decamp to the bottom of the garden or local park with picnic favourites and treats galore. One step better, get the children involved in the food prep – baking fairy cakes and making rainbow salads the day before. Our fully kitted out basket will make sure you’re forever picnicking like a pro.

Go outdoors and enjoy a family picnic on holiday

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