The Beach and the Seaside: How We Captured the Coast in our Spring Summer Collection

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At Joules, our collections are proudly inspired by the grace and beauty of the UK’s landscapes from countryside to coast. These past few months, we’ve been rather missing the seaside – hooray for spring sunshine! – so you can bet your boots (or flip flops) that we’ve woven our much-loved coastline into every inch and buckle of our new collection.

Follow us for a meander down the beach – and a stop at the ice cream van too of course.

What caught our imaginations?

Is there anything more colourful than a town by the sea? Row upon row of pastel houses. Colourful deckchairs stacked against the pier. Post-picnic ice creams. Heading home with a stick of rock to commemorate the day… These are just some of the seaside memories that inspired our collection.

PS 1
beach 2
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How did we use this inspiration to develop our print designs?

We spend hours exploring the coast and one thing in particular that we love to spot (besides the ice cream van) is pops of colour. From flowers on clifftops to tall, proud lighthouses – the bright, sunny colours inspired a palette that’s both fresh and familiar as their yellows, blues and reds mix in happy harmony.

However, it doesn’t get any more nautical than a good old-fashioned set of stripes – we’ve also pinched a little sea-spiration to refresh our much-loved harbours, sweats and sandals with a little taste of the sea.

PS 9
PS 4
PS 8

She sells seashells by the seashore – some nautical facts to pop in your beach bucket

You might have spotted a few weird and wonderful water-loving creatures amongst our collection. It would be rude not to introduce them so we’ve put together a few little facts about them…


Lobsters can swim backwards to avoid danger.

They chew with their stomachs and taste with their legs.


The smallest shark in the world is about as big as your hand, and the biggest can grow up to 12 meters long.

The basking shark weighs about the same as a British double decker bus!


A group of crabs is called a “cast” – like the cast of a play. We imagine those tickets would be snapped up pretty quickly…

 Crabs can walk in any direction, but when they need to move quickly they move sideways.

PS 2





  • Alison Blood

    05.07.2021 at 21:42 Reply

    I love the photo images of the models.
    The clothing is beautiful especially the Jersey dresses. I like the Riveriera and Liberty dresses as these are my favourites.
    I love the floral and striped designs very much.x

  • Joy Morris

    26.02.2022 at 07:27 Reply

    Fantabulous collection-can’t wait for the spring to wear some of the dresses!

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