The Joules Team Try Origami

24th June 2017

As you may have noticed, we love origami, our entire summer sale revolves around it! Recently we’ve been really fond of creating animals using this ancient Japanese art – but as we fans of all creatures great and small we asked members of the Joules team to showcase their paper folding skills.

A company wide email was sent out – and the results (as we’re sure you’ll agree) were rather impressive.

The Digital Dynamos

Our e-commerce team created some rather impressive farm yard animals. We’re not sure what they all are though…any guesses?

joules e-commerce team have a go at Joules origami animals

Yoyo – Our Photography Superstar

Yoyo created the most adorable puppy, small enough to fit into our pockets!

yoyo makes a origami dog

The wonderful team behind our womenswear  

The womenswear team really went wild. We’ll admit it. We’re jealous.

our womenswear team have made a wild safari origami scene

The team that bring you the all-important finishing touches

The accessories team made their very own recycled woodland wilderness, made from recycled old printed paper they had around the department. Can you spot the mushrooms?

our accessories team have made an origami recycled woodland scene

Faith – The photography phenomenon

Faith from our photography team has done swimmingly well with her origami fish!

Faith has made a superb couple of fish out of paper

Our “oh-so talented” childrenswear team

Our childrenswear team got a little carried away with their ocean creations, they have even made the sea and sand out of Little Joule pieces…who can spot a gilet?

our kids team have made an origami beach scene full of sea creatures

Jane – Our wholesale guru

Jane made a great selection of animals, a whale, a peacock and a hare – but what’s that at the front? Chips!

jane from wholsesale has made a selection of animals from paper

Tom – Lord of the lens

Tom our photography manager has created a rather large pink fish! 

Tom our photography manager has made an impressive pink paper fish

Dan & Rosie – The creative dream team

Dan and Rosie from our creative team have made a hare-raising hare even including Joules printed ears…

Dan and Rosie from our creative team has made a giant Joules hare

Are you a black belt in origami?

Show us what you’ve got here

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