The Story Behind Our Right as Rain Collection

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Our Right as Rain collection is as close to our heart as nature itself. Inspired by the great outdoors for the great outdoors, it embraces every element of the British weather and countryside in its designs. From wonderful waterproofs to snug-as-a-bug wellies, there’s a story (and lots of puddle-jumping) behind every piece.

The Joules story began over 30 years ago, when Tom Joule started selling clothing on a stand at a country show in Leicestershire.

Tom would constantly brave the elements in pursuit of delivering traditional clothing with a twist. The early days, facing driving rain and howling winds have made us experts in outwitting the weather and made sure an adventurous spirit is woven throughout everything we create.

Ever true to our country roots and heritage, the British weather and countryside continue to inspire every part of our Right as Rain collection. From wet woodland paths to blustery coastal walks, the drizzly school run to standing on the sidelines on a Sunday, our Right as Rain collection will have you ready for everything the predictably unpredictable British weather has in store.

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What does it mean to be inspired by nature?

Every design of our Right as Rain collection finds its roots in the Great British Countryside and every piece, from our brightest wellibobs to our toughest waterproofs, is made with nature in mind. Built for the lightest of drizzles to the wildest of weathers, our pieces have been tested from shire to shore to make sure they keep you as snug and dry as can be, no matter where and when you wear them. After all, rain is a fact of life in this green and pleasant land, so being prepared for it makes perfect sense.

All in the details

The devil’s in the details as the saying goes. We use waterproof fabrics for our Right as Rain jackets and heat seal the seams with tape to make sure they’re watertight. That’s why we can say with confidence that our coats are waterproof. But it’s not just practicality that sets our collections apart. We take care to use unique-to-Joules prints for our coat linings and add colour pop trims and piping, not to mention first-class zips and popper fastenings. Drawstrings add shape to waists and curved hems are designed to flatter. There really is no need not to look stylish, even when the wind’s up and the rain’s vertical.


As durable and versatile as the seasons

Our Right as Rain collection isn’t just built for nature, it’s inspired by nature too which means that we’ve made sure it’s as tough and durable as mother nature herself. Designed to be lived in, our pieces are both long lasting and timeless to create that oh so important hand-me-down quality. With wellies in all different heights and sizes and packaway pouches and hidden pockets galore, our Right as Rain collection has something for all the family.

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Prints that make a splash

Bright yellow gorse bushes, hints of golden leaves, a wild creature or two… our Right as Rain collection is full of wonderful prints and patterns, all inspired by nature (in case you hadn’t spotted a theme). Whilst the clouds are a little grey, our pieces are anything but and we love creating bold and beautiful designs that add a bit of sunshine. Our furry companions also make an appearance, after all, who better to keep you company when it’s raining cats and dogs?

Right as Rain 07
Right as Rain 06

Practicality First

Let’s be honest, the British weather can be a bit of a faff. One minute it’s sunny, and the next you’re dashing for the nearest café. Enter our perfectly Packable Collection. In every pretty print you could wish for, all our packaway pieces come with their own nifty bag that pops nicely in your backpack, car pockets or handbag.

Our Packable Collection isn’t the only practical thing either. Roll-up wellies, anyone? A detachable hood? 3-in-1 layers? You get the idea.

Right as Rain 09
Right as Rain 03

The story behind our Right as Rain collection might have started over 30 years ago at a wet and windy country show, but we’re still as proud of our pieces as ever. Inspired by the great outdoors for the great outdoors, our wet weather collection will have the whole family feeling Right as Rain (and splashing in puddles of course).

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  • Donna Parker

    28.07.2021 at 07:42 Reply

    Have one of your waterproof jackets and a packaway jacket. They are brilliant and always look smart. I have a lovely pair of striped wellies and I’ve just ordered a pair of black wellibobs. I also have quite a few Harbour tops. Joules clothes are stylish and are very good quality. Love Joules.

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