Crew Neck VS Round Neck – What is the Difference?

Choosing a men’s jumper can be a difficult task. Plain or patterned? Textured or a fine knit? Heavy or lightweight? However there’s one thing that needs answering before these questioned are asked. V Neck or Crew? These two words actually define the style of jumper before anything else. And these two words only refer to the shape of the neckline – because it’s the most important feature on any man’s jumper.


The V Neck takes its name from the shape of the neckline. That’s not surprising. But what about the Crew Neck? The name Crew Neck comes from the word ‘crew’ as similar shaped garments with a similar neckline were worn by oarsmen (the crew) on a boat.


The difference between crew neck and round neck is minimal but you’d be surprised how such a small style adjustment changes up an outfit.  Both the V and Crew Neck are collarless, where they differ is in the shape. The Crew Neck has a round neck, the V Neck (hold onto your hats) has a V shaped neckline. Both of these styles are designed to be worn with different types of clothing. You might see a V Neck jumper worn with a tie as the shape shows off the accessory very well.

Why Choose a Crew Neck?

The Crew Neck has a round neckline which sits along the collarbone, this makes it perfect to work with some clothes whilst making it less than ideal with others. It is often seen as more casual than the V Neck.

What to Wear Under a Crew Neck Sweater

The Crew Neck is a more versatile piece, perfect for layering. If you’re wanting to create a smarter look, wear a crew neck jumper with a shirt underneath but with the collar inside of sweater. Finish by throwing over a smart coat such as a quilted jacket or rain mac for a versatile look that can take you from day to night. The Crew Neck will be a constant go to for warmth and comfort. Perfect to throw on for almost any occasion.


A V neck sweater is often worn when wanting to achieve a smarter look for more formal occasions.

What to Wear Under a V Neck Sweater

A V neck jumper with a shirt underneath is a classic look that never goes out of style whether for the office or dinner, (polo shirts too if going for a more casual look) as this allows the V Neck to be one of the better knitwear choices for more formal situations. The V Neck can also be worn with a t-shirt and other collarless shirts, however it’s worth remembering that if you are hoping to wear your V Neck jumper with a blazer or jacket, a v neck jumper and shirt combo will set the look off perfectly.

Which Should I Choose?

Crew neck or v neck, that’s the question. We’re not going to beat around the bush. Choose both. When it comes to clothing, nothing is better than having options. Our Retford Jumper comes in both a V Neck and Crew Neck – crafted with a touch of wool for superior warmth and softness; it’s a timeless investment piece that you’ll turn to again and again. Pair your stylish new jumper with a smart pair of men’s jeans from the Joules collection and your smart/casual look is complete.

The only question left to cover off is, are you a V Neck or Crew Neck wearing gent?

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