Jacket of the Season: The Hudson Wax Jacket

14th October 2016

Waxed jackets are an icon of British heritage and country life, but over the years – as well as being used for such activities as hunting, shooting and fishing – wax jackets have become commonplace in towns and on city streets.

Male model models wax jacket on stone wall

Such is the demand for this timeless piece of outerwear that designers and brands are dedicated to dreaming up ways to keep the wax jacket relevant. At Joules our menswear team have done just that.

The Hudson Jacket is a quilted bomber-style wax jacket will add an edge to any man’s look this season. The new shape and details give it a slightly sporty yet contemporary feel. It’s perfect to throw on with a simple shirt and jeans combination and it’ll easily keep the cold at bay when the temperature starts to tumble.

Crafted from Wax C4X supplied by Halley Stevensons in Scotland (Wax C4X is the next generation of wax fabric) it’s more water resistant, flexible and durable than traditional wax, it’s virtually odourless, it won’t migrate on to other fabrics and it will also age exceptionally well over time.

Let’s go into detail…

Are Wax Jackets Waterproof?

C4X waxed cotton typically has four times higher waterproofing characteristics when compared to traditional waxed fabrics. This wax has excellent water shedding properties, outperforming traditional wax in Bundesmann testing (the test that replicates the effects of a storm in a laboratory).

a folder wax jacket

Wax Jacket Durability

Wax C4X has far superior durability to abrasion and weathering, as well as adding extra strength to the base cotton. It acts as a protective layer to the garment, making this the perfect choice for performance.

male model wears wax jacket with landscape background

Do Wax Jackets Smell?

Unlike traditional wax cotton, at ambient temperature, wax C4X does not transfer or migrate onto other fabrics, leathers and linings. The wax is also virtually odourless.

man played with dog wearing wax jacket in a landscape scene

Are Wax Jackets Flexible?

Most waxes are jelly like consistency at room temperature; Wax C4X is a flexible solid. It’s unique form imparts many additional performance advantages. Garments made in Wax C4X cotton will resist dirt and other contaminants much more effectively.

So if you know someone who would like a wax jacket with a twist, look no further – the Hudson Jacket will be right up their street (or country lane).

man wears joules menswear wax jacket

Are you the fan of the wax jacket?

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