We’re Barmy about Origami

17th June 2017

At Joules, we love sea creatures and we also love folding paper (or Origami, if you want to use the correct term).

Before we get into what monsters of the deep we’d like you to create, here’s a little trivia. The Japanese word ‘Origami’ itself is made up of two smaller Japanese words: ‘ori’ , meaning to fold, and ‘kami’, meaning paper. Japanese origami began sometime after Buddhist monks carried paper to Japan during the 6th century.

Right, now you’ve been provided with a little knowledge that will (hopefully) impress your friends and family, why not impress them further by creating your own paper friends courtesy of our instructions.

Choose from a starfish, whale or fish… or if you’ve got enough paper (and patience) why not try all three.

Competition Time

Get folding and send us a snap of your favourite origami animal...

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