What To Wear For Different Types Of Rain

4th February 2016

It’s raining, it’s pouring….it’s getting very boring. Isn’t that how the song goes? Well, of course it isn’t, but it sometimes feels like it should be.

Rain is part and parcel of living here in the UK, a bit like fish and chips, afternoon tea and stiff upper lips. Since we’re never far away from a rain cloud (or three), we simply can’t help but complain about it, can we?

Sadly it’s not always possible to stay cosy and dry indoors, but fortunately it is possible to stay stylishly dry outdoors. You should be able to handle everything the rain clouds have to throw down at you no problem, provided you have the right kit. The sky might look dreary but your outfit doesn’t have to be and while the right rain jacket or a favourite pair of Wellington boots might not make rain enjoyable, at least you’ll get from A to B in style.

Never ones to let a bit of bad weather rain on our parade; we’ve created a whole range of new super-stylish 100% waterproof rainwear to help you survive all manner of aquatic assaults, from a light downy drizzle to a skin-drenching downpour.

Stay Dry on the School Run

When you’re dashing from your car to the school gate, a good hood is a must. No one has time to battle with an umbrella when there are small people to organise and send on their way. Our Coast Print jacket comes in black and white stripes or a pretty floral print and has clever taped seams that lock out even the tiniest hint of a raindrop.

Photo Credit: Capture by Lucy 

Running to the Shops

Keep a colourful printed pack-away parka in the boot of your car or tucked inside your handbag (each one has its own handy drawstring carry bag) and it will always be there to protect you when you need make a run for the shops. Aside from the fact that it’s classic, colourful and looks stylish, this rainy day essential has a deep hood to keep your hair dry.

Out for a (Drizzly) Dog Walk

Of all the rain types, a light drizzle can be by far the most deceiving. What seems like a light mist can leave you soaking wet if you’re out unprotected. Poor dog walkers often suffer most, so it’s always worth erring on the side of caution when you head out under ominous clouds with your four-legged friend. Every Joules raincoat is chic and lightweight, so you’ll not need to worry about overheating as you stroll. Our Raina Parka is a little bit longer than a regular jacket length and will give you the extra coverage you need if you’re going to be out for a while.

Photo Credit: Cider With Rosie

And don’t forget your wellies….

We’re always looking for an excuse to wear ours. Especially since we’ve introduced some fresh new colours and patterns this season. Longer wellies are a must if you’re heading off somewhere muddy and our mid-length boots offer the perfect protection from pavement puddles. Not forgetting our own exclusive Wellibob boots either. They’re the handy little rubber welly-shoes you can slip on whenever you need to run up the garden or grab something from the garage.

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