Where to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

17th March 2017

We asked staff at our Dublin store for a few fascinating facts and ‘insiders’ tips about this widely celebrated event.

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St Patrick’s Day is so well celebrated, but why?

The celebration of St Patrick’s Day and the annual parades actually began in America before they became part of Irish culture. The first recorded celebration was in Boston in 1737.

St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish history and culture, and it brings together people from all over the world who want to celebrate the life of St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland and their Irish heritage.

So what are the most popular ways for people to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin?

Well the parade is the main attraction! There are parades all over the world, but the Dublin parade attracts thousands upon thousands of people who line the streets of Dublin City Centre.

The parade runs from the North Side of the City over to the Southside and is always broadcast live for those who can’t make it or are living abroad! Most of the floats and attractions come from different art colleges and creative organizations from all over the country. Bands from both Irish and usually American schools will perform.

Where do most people celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin?

Most people will head to the parade which is always at 12pm, and afterwards there’s no place better than being in the centre of Ireland’s capital city and grabbing lunch or a pint of Guinness. St Stephen’s Green Park at the top of Grafton Street (the South Side’s main shopping street) is always a great choice for a day out with family or friends.

What’s your St Patrick’s Day meal of choice?

Soda bread is a popular choice for St Patrick’s Day, but a lot of people would have a Sunday-style roast (as a lot of us get the day off work!)

Anything else?

And you’d never know, but most Irish bars/pubs didn’t open on St Patrick’s Day until the 60s!

How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day?

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