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We are huge fans of finding new fun (and free!) ways to get out and about as a family, so we called on Micro Scooters for their top five favourite scooting adventures for you and your brood to try. Don’t own a scooter yet? We’re running a fun word search competition to win one of two of the latest Micro Scooters. Enter now

Treasure Hunt Scoots

Create a treasure hunt in your garden or local park that your children can follow on their scooters, and hide treasure such as sweets or presents. It’s a great way to give someone lots of little presents on their birthday or even at Christmas.
You could provide a compass and map together with instructions e.g. ‘Head west to the oak tree and then scoot due north for 30 scoots. Next head east for 10 more scoots to find your next clue’. Follow this link and you’ll find lots of ready-made treasure trails and their guides ready for you to enjoy

Scooter Geocaches

Geocaching is a fantastic way of finding treasure that people have left for you to find. You will need a smartphone to accompany you – but there are at least a million geocaches in the world so there is always going to be one near wherever you scoot!
There are several geocache communities online, but the largest is Once you’ve registered and downloaded the app you are ready to hunt. Just remember if you take the ‘cache’ you must replace it with something of the same or greater value. Getting the children to make a time capsule ready for you to hide adds to the fun of this activity. Need inspiration for your capsule contents? How about a letter to the future, a recent newspaper, and photographs of your family and the street you live on.

Scooter Nature Hunt

This is great way to explore when you’re out and about in parks or woods on your Micro Scooter. As you head out on your scooters, take your picnic and a hunters kit; you’ll need plastic tubs and bags for things, a magnifying glass, and the list of ‘finds’ you must discover on your adventure – slugs, ants, pine cones and squirrels to name a few. Getting your children to record their finds is a great way of building their organisational skills.

TIP: For younger children, why not draw the creatures and items they should discover, and they can add a sticker to each drawing when they find them.

We’d love to see your pictures from your #scootingadventures. Just upload them to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #scootingadventures, @microscooters and @joules. Happy scooting! To find your perfect scooter and for more half term ideas please visit


Explore the word search and find the words listed below. One of the words is not in the word search, this is the winning word. Enter for a chance to win one of two scooters from the NEW range just launched by Micro Scooters!

  1. WELLY
  3. SCOOT
  4. ZOOM
  5. RIDE
  6. WHIZZ
Micro Scooter Wordsearch

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  • Emma allen

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    Great competition

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    • Joules Journal

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      Hi Gemma,

      We’ve done some testing and all seems fine, what message do you get when you try to enter?


  • Sue Harrison

    13.11.2015 at 09:56 Reply

    Fab competition. My granddaughter would love this. Hope I’m lucky.

  • Julie langan

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    Fingers crossed x

  • Patricia worth

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    Received wellies, really good fit and I love the design

  • Patricia worth

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    Great competition

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    Great nephew would have hours of fun

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    Fab Competition, thank you x.

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    Another great competition, fingers and toes crossed x

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  • Jennie L

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    In the terms and conditions it states there are two age groups and the competition must be entered by the child. Are entries from the website (where an age bracket cannot be selected or the parent / guardian’s details entered) accepted as this does not comply with your T & Cs?

    • Joules Journal

      16.11.2015 at 09:58 Reply

      Hi Jennie,

      Your child can use your email to enter, that’s not a problem, just submit their name. Good luck!


  • Gwensloane

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    I’ve been shopping at Joules for many years .great value for money and some great discount codes .keep up the great work Joules

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