Winter Floral Print Story

At Joules we’re very lucky to have our own in-house print team. They are constantly sketching and scribbling new patterns and designs that bring our collections to life season-after-season. In fact, as you’re reading this, we have no doubt that the team are hard at work dreaming up new patterns and prints that may one day make their way into your wardrobe.

Many prints are created throughout the year, yet only the very best will make it on to our clothing and accessories. One such print that wasn’t going to be left on paper was the Winter Floral.

Obviously, we look at what going on in the world of fashion, but it’s only ever a fleeting glance. We’re much more interested in taking inspiration from the places where our clothes will eventually be worn. With this in mind, our print team can often be found all over Britain armed with cameras and sketchbooks.

The idea for the Winter Floral print first came to light during a trip to Norfolk during the late autumn. Crisp woodland walks at dusk, the colours of the sky and frost forming on fields and foliage was a mood we desperately wanted to capture. The light during the autumn and winter months of year is amazing too – there’s almost a nostalgic serenity to it that we felt could really add something different to our collection.

We also visit design libraries all over the world. Hours will quickly disappear as we pour over vintage prints – each one provides inspiration and will possibly influence the techniques we may use when bring the final piece to life. One particular print, featuring an oil painting of roses and hydrangeas, quickly caught our eye. Although roses and hydrangeas are typically summer flowers, we thought the soft shapes and textures would be perfect to create a ‘winter floral’ when recoloured with soft blues and dusky pinks.

I think Joules prints stand out because we bring a little bit of joy to the high street with our beautiful painted traditional floral designs that have a contemporary twist. It’s all in the detail – whether it’s a pop of colour in the print or a little embroidery on the pocket of a t-shirt.”

Lillie, Print Designer, Joules

Our print team work closely with our clothing designers to make sure the print is used in the best way possible. New styles are often a great way to introduce a new print, but it’s also a great way to give a classic style a breath of fresh air.

So, if you’re thinking flowers are just for summer, think again. The temperature may be dipping (and fast!) but thanks to our print team and their never-ending search for inspiration, you don’t have to say goodbye to bright blooms just yet. And although a print like this may create a feeling of winter it certainly won’t look out of place throughout the spring and summer months, when the word ‘winter’ will have slowly melted away.

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